My beginnings.

My name is Natalia, I am 25 years old, come from Poland. For the past 3 years I have lived in Manchester, England. I’ve always loved vacation, from an early age my parents took us to the seaside, to the mountains, they sent us to camps, and they arranged weekend trips. Then trips with friends started. I was always excited about the holidays. I have always counted down with my mother to our vacation. When I grew up, I started to set my own goals for myself. Or rather, I dreamed about places that were unattainable for me. Just a small bucket list.

My first foreign trip was a trip to Greece, through a popular travel agency.

I’ve been working for it whole summer. Since it’s my birthday in September, our trip took place that month. I FELL IN LOVE. The first flight on the plane. I remember that my now-ex-boyfriend had to sit on the other end of the plane. Are you curious why? Because some obese lady had to sit in the back seat, because only there were belts that could fasten her. Have you ever wondered if a person taking 3 seats on the plane pays only for one or for more seats? No, I do not have anything to obese people, but after this situation I was very curious about it. I was slightly scared since there wasn’t my now-ex-boyfriend by me, but I survived! I was rewarded by the miraculous blow of the hot, Greek air right after getting out off the plane…

How did I find myself in England? I studied in Poland, but I didn’t feel like i belonged there.

So after 6 months of extramural studies, I gave up. I worked full-time in retail, not praising myself. I must admit that I was doing very well there. However, I felt that I was not satisfied with the current state of affairs. That is, my life and financial situation. So I took advantage of the opportunity thrown by a childhood friend of mine. After less than a month I was already on the plane to Manchester.

The plan was stereotypical.

Make an amazingly huge amount of money as soon as possible and come back to Poland.  I wanted to live independently and make your dreams come true. Very good joke! It was hard for me, in the beginning everything seemed wonderful, new place … this red brick, double-decker buses and this cultural diversity. Couldn’t be more wrong. I missed my family and friends, I was lonely, despite the fact I was surrounded by well-known people. I returned home after a few months. Realized that life in England is not for me. I spent all my money. What for? Checking off points from my bucket list!

What happened on Mallorca?

After I wrote the title I got butterflies in my stomach. The funniest thing in all of this story is that while I was in England, I gave my friend Magda (if you’re reading this, I greet!) a free hand as to the choice of our holiday destination. Magda planned everything, and I was just supposed to transfer money. When I found out that we were flying to Mallorca, I was furious because my friends told me that nothing was going on there and that it was boring. Dear God, THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME GO THERE ANYWAY! I returned to Poland for a few days and immediately packed for a week trip to Majorca.

That was one of the better vacation trips in my life.

Maybe even the best one, looking at what happened there and how it turned my life 180 degrees. In the hotel where we stopped, I got an eye on one man. I noticed him on the first day of his stay. Single ladies on vacation! I do not belong to the brave ones, who are picking up guys. So I just enjoyed the eyes of an attractive man for me. One day, he was working at the pool where we were sunbathing. He was serving ice cream to the hotel guests… well… would I let this opportunity pass? No way! I went to get ice cream for myself and my friends. To look closely at the object of my sighs. I asked in English about the flavors of ice cream… but the answer was in Polish.

You do not realize how happy I was.

I was sure he was Spanish. Peter, back then beautifully tanned. Not like today, when we look like two pale English people! Dark-eyed – he looked like a typical Spaniard. We made an appointment for the evening. From one evening, it took us to a relationship that continues to this day.

So why are we still in England?

After leaving Mallorca, I had a second trip planned to Malta. I didn’t know back then that Malta is such a nice place. This was not on my bucket list. But.. let’sget back to the point. I was not sure about Peter. We really knew each other for only about 5 days. But I never met a man who was so open, honest and just so in love with me from the first second.

I hoped it would work out, I had no idea how, but I wanted it to work out.

After returning from a holiday in Malta, I found out that I needed to return to England to be able to go and live with Peter. After some time, my plan succeeded – I went to England again. I was planning to earn enough money to be able to somehow start living with Peter in Mallorca. Unfortunately, it was not easy. It never is. I did not save as much money as I thought and time was running out. The long-distance relationship is very hard to maintain.

That’s when Peter managed to come to England.

He sacrificed himself, left everything and went to Chester, to his cousins. To be closer to me. To earn money and start a life together. That’s what happened. After a few months of seeing each others on weekends. Traveling from Manchester to Chester, we started living together.

What does our life look like?

We live in England and save money, but we do not really know the exact goal. If any of you have any idea about England, and especially about Manchester, then you know that the sun shines everywhere, but here. Sounds like a funny saying, but that’s the truth. As soon as you cross the Manchester border, the rain disappears and the sun appears. In this country, people have high expectations for holidays, and this is because, among other things, people get depressed from gray and terrible weather. Just like me, they plan their trips well in advance and have bucket lists from which they want to uncheck all of the points. And of course everyone can afford it, because an attractive all-inclusive vacation for one person per week is a price of 250 pounds, with an average earnings per person of 1,200 pounds.

Vacay is one of the endless themes scrolling daily.

Ever since I have been here, I have already visited Mallorca (several times), Malta, Kefalonia (Greece), and Tenerife and a piece of United Kingdom. Idea for bucket list – a list of places that we must see before we die! There are places on Earth that we have not even dreamed about, and the most beautiful stories begin when you leave the trail and give in to your intuition. That’s when the best places are found. These are my favorite moments on trips. Move ahead and plan nothing, just go and explore. That is a real bucket list. Stopping when you see a flock of ants on the road carrying huge leaves to the anthill, seeing a stray cat on the harbor, waiting for the fishermen to moor the boats and give him freshly caught fish.

I live for such moments.

I love colours… love the sun and water and love watching animals in their natural environment. This is how our bucket list was created, the place we must see before we die. Which points I will try to regularly check out to fulfill my biggest dreams. I hope that I will help others who are too afraid to move forward or look for motivation or advice to take the first step. There is no better investment than a travel one.