Bucket list

it is not arranged in any way, we have not arranged it in any order. Each of these places has a charm that attracts us, and at every point we will try to explain briefly why we want to go there :)

1. Thailand

I always wanted to go to Thailand, it’s my dream since I saw a famous photo of Thai boats in Maya Bay (also known as Leonardo Bay because movie with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed there), on the island of Koh Phi Phi . It ended up on our bucket list as a first one, because it is something that comes to my mind first, whenever someone asks about the direction to which I would like to go the most. I was enchanted by the huge cliffs and rocks surrounding this fabulous bay. I still did not go there, but Peter promised it to me, so he better keep his word!

2. Japan

Japan is Peter’s dream, when I asked him where he would like to go on vacation, he replied – Japan. Why? Peter is a technology fan and Japan is the cradle of technology. I do not hide that for me it is also a place where I would like to go, even to see gardens, cherry trees and many more.

3. Greece – Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Zakhyntos

Athens tempts us with ruins, Santorini with its original architecture, Mykonos with beautiful views, and Zakhyntos with the bay of the wreck. As our first joint trip was just to Greece, we want to get to know her a little deeper.

4. Croatia

Oh … Krka waterfalls. If you do not know what it is, now is the time to go to google and see what is it. The place makes a huge impression! It is not only thatdraws us to this place. Croatia is beautiful, and everyone who was there always recommend it highly.

5. Montenegro

I discovered this place a long time ago when one of my friends told me about it. That’s when I checked exactly where it is, and went crazy. It is beautiful there.

6. Italy

What matters most to us is Milan, Rome and Positiano. The cathedral in Milan is crazy amazing. There is not much to say about Rome – everybody knows, that it is a must go. A wonderful and full of history place. Positiano … if you do not know why, then again I recommend checking google – another point of our bucket list, which simply has to come true. The beauty of this place knocks me down. Ah … and of course PIZZA!

7. Asia

Of course, China … the Chinese wall is a dream. Earlier I mentioned Thailand … but we dream of going to the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka. These are places that are very exotic but have a huge history. The culture of this continent is interesting.

8. America

I do not know if I will be able to write down here a whole list of places that I want to see. Hills of Hollywood, Florida, California, Las Vegas, beautiful Canada … Niagara Falls. Hawaii … Mexico, Texas … and I can write like this for hours …

9. Russia

We are mainly interested in Moscow because we have never delved into this country. I know, however, that it has much more to offer.

10. Czech Republic

When I was young, my parents took me to the rock city – Skalne Miasto. Then I was there several more times. I’m taking Peter there soon, it’s a very nice place to go on a weekend with my family. In addition, I’ve always wanted to see Prague!

11. Hungary

While working in England, I met several Hungarians. They urged me to go to Budapest someday, because it is beautiful. We are connected with Hungary by history, we have similar culinary preferences, so I would like to go see it with my own eyes! (And Peter, of course, with me!)

12. Spain

As we move to Majorca, I do not have to say that we are going to explore it all. In addition, I would like to visit the neighboring islands, such as Menorca, Ibiza, the Canary Islands, and the continent, namely Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the rest of the coast.

13. Poland

Peter moved out of Poland when he was still a small child, he was not able to visit too much. However, I was in the mountains and by the sea. I did not visit only central Poland. Once, together with Peter, we left for Zakopane. Peter liked it so much that I would not let go. Now, he needs to explore all of Poland with me. I love the mountains, so I put it as first one, then Mazury … and all the rest. The truth is that you can visit the whole world, but there is no place like home. It’s in Poland that we both feel the best and it would be wonderful to visit some of this beautiful piece of the world.

14. Africa

A few years ago I was in Egypt with a group of friends. I love Egypt for what it has to offer. However, I have never visited the pyramids. Together with Peter, we love exploring ruins, remnants of ancient times, delving into the history of a given place. Therefore, Egypt, despite the opinion of a dangerous place, still lands on our list. Apart from Egypt, I’ve always wanted to see Kenya, Madagascar, Congo, Morocco, Tunisia …

The list seems quite short and common, because many people want to see all these places. However, our list will change over time, lengthen.
What are your dream places that you would like to go to? Do you have any favorite place on earth?