What is this entire “vacay mode” thing and how do you turn it on?

You could think of me as stupid, but I’ll explain to you what vacaymode is.
Vacaymode is my first child. For many, this may be the reason of laughter and derision but, at a certain age, you stop caring about what other people think. Above all I created this site because traveling is my passion – although, can travelling be called a passion? What feelings do you experience when you arrived at your destination? It’s the feeling when you are on your way to the destination. You’re thinking about other adventures you could have – then you are just entering the holiday mode.

I would like to find my happy place, hence the idea of ​​writing a blog.

Yes, as a result I will write a blog! This will be my journal, which aims to show my loved ones, how my travels and dreams look. In addition, it is my little motivation to finally finish something 100% to the end.

What will I write about?

Vacation is paradise for me… I love to count down the days until leaving. I love to plan my trips, take photos, share stories with my friends and family. Sightseeing… watching interesting and beautiful places and learning about new cultures. Vacaymode is about the feelings that “turn on” in me when I think of an idea for a trip. Some of you certainly do the same. I can’t stop thinking about it and strive to make the trip come to fruition. When I’m there I want more and more … and I will write about it.

Do You know what do We want to achieve by writing vacaymode?

My biggest dream is to keep up with what I love to do. Unfortunately, this is not be the simplest thing. Although, it may seem so at first glance. We dream about being able to travel whenever I want, how I want, with who I want and  also where I want. We would like to infect others with love for traveling.  I  also want to prove that it is possible to go abroad and have a good time for little money. I do not think it is unrealistic. Work from 9 to 5 is not for me (in my case from 9:30pm to 6:30am – can it be worse?).

Monotony and being under eternal pressure and control can put you into depression.

When it comes to the English weather, it’s just a trip (preferably towards the sun!) that could heal you. I try to strive for my goals with small steps, I can even say that everything is going in the right direction !

So what will be the leitmotif?

I think most of you know what a bucket list is. For those who do not know – it’s a list on which you write things that you have to check off as done! Many forms of it have been created … e.g. a list of things that I have to do this summer. I personally create a list called “List of places that I must see before I die.” And you, my dear… you will be able to check how it goes! Turn on #vacaymode!