Where did the idea for a trip to the Czech Republic come from?

When I was little, I was taken to the Rock City in the Czech Republic many times. Through school trips or through friends. This place has always been a good idea. And as my boyfriend comes from the seaside, I decided to take him once more to the mountains. This time it wasn’t winter time. We went there a few weeks ago. It was the middle of September.

Unfortunately, the weather was not good for us.

It was foggy and quite chilly. However, when I checked the weather for other days, the sun was shining there and the temperatures were at 20 degrees. After all, we returned home happy! The Czech Republic is quite often the destination chosen by people living in Wroclaw (Poland) for weekend trips. And as a derivative from Wroclaw, the Rock City in the Czech Republic was a hit! Only two hours away, and amazing views await you!

Adršpašskoteplické skály

The rock city is located in north-eastern Czech. The area of the Rock City is located in a nature reserve. This is one of the most famous places for climbing. The entire rock city is (naturally) built of Sandstones. In addition, The Rock City (Skalne Miasto) is part of the Stołowe Mountains! The whole area for sightseeing has several routes. We chose blue because we were there with our parents. The blue trail is very easy to pass. It takes about two hours. Others, however, are much longer and harder. On other routes you can see waterfalls or sail a boat on the river. That’s what I remember from my childhood. We will definitely go there someday, so wait for further relations :)

Opening hours in the Rock City

Many people wonder if you need to pay entrance fee to the highway in Czech. It turns out that You don’t need to. It depends also on which side you enter the Czech Republic. An entrance fee is a designed for a highway. However, when traveling from Wroclaw, we traveled in side villages. In this way, we missed the fees. Skalne Miasto (The Rock City) is open from 8 am to 6pm. A special train line has recently been created that transports people from Lower Silesian cities to the Rock City. However, it drives only twice a day. In the morning towards the Czech Republic. In the evening towards Poland. I do not know the exact route, but you can easily check it on the internet.

Attractive prices

As for prices in a rocky city, it is best to check them on the main page: www.skalyadrspach.cz. There you will find the most up-to-date prices. In the period from April 1 to October 31, we will pay 120 Czech Crowns for an adult. We will pay 320 crowns for a family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) and a discounted ticket for only 70 crowns. In the period from November 1 to March 31, adults will pay only SEK 50, a family ticket will cost CZK 130, and a reduced ticket will cost CZK 30. The prices are very attractive.

On the Skalne Miasto website there is also information that you can pay for entry in two ticket offices.

One of them supports card payment. However, I recommend that you have cash at your disposal, because all restaurants and shops accept only cash. Skalne Miasto is open every day, all year round, and parking is free! :)

Is it worth choosing a Rock Town for a weekend getaway?

Definitely yes. The rock city is really attractively designed. There are a lot of viewpoints and recreational spots along the way. The trails are well-exposed and attractions well described. Rocks often resemble faces or other creatures, which is always specially marked so that you will not miss anything. And in several languages! To go to Skalne Miasto you do not have to be a mountain lover.

Special shoes and clothing are not needed.

It is the perfect place for a spontaneous trip and also for fierce mountain lovers. Along the way, we will also find information about famous people who visited the rock city. Maps are available on site, very well described. I believe that the pride of the Czech Republic, apart from Prague, is definitely the Rock City. If you have never been there and you are planning a trip there, then do not think about it anymore. Place definitely recommendable. 10/10