Greece – is it worth going for a holidays?

Greece is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. My first visit to the Greek islands took place a good couple of years ago. It was Rhodes. The following year, I chose Greece again and this time it was Crete. Two years ago I went to Kefalonia with Peter. I also know that many Poles choose Greece as their holiday destination, due to its low prices. In comparison to other foreign directions.

Greece is close to my heart, due to the fact that it was my first foreign trip.

Previously, I was traveling only in Poland because I could not afford traveling abroad. It is also important who you travel with. Everyone prefers something different on holiday and it can cause a lot of arguments. I would not say that my first two trips to Greece were nice – because of my company. However, Greece itself charmed me. When getting on the plane I can not wait for it to feel the wonderful warmth of the Mediterranean climate as soon as I cross its threshold.

View of swaying palms, island culture.

The sun that warms your cold arms from the air conditioning. There is nothing better for me. Nothing can reward my hard work more than the feeling of freedom and relaxation. Awareness that the only thing you need to do now is to enjoy the place you on for the first time in your life. Maybe you will not see this place anymore. That’s why all you have left is to get the most out of it! I do not know about you, but I feel great excitement at the very thought of the journey. Comparable to the butterflies in the stomach.

You get up without an alarm clock…

You look towards the window, and the curtain slightly sways by the wind. Letting in the room once in a while the rays of the sun that glow the whole interior.It is something that fills me with energy. Lazy breakfast you eat on the terrace, in good company, calmly sipping your favorite drink. You have this moment for yourself.

Do you see a blue sky, or look at the endless sea, or maybe your view is spreading over cultivated fields?

When you look at these views, you start to plan your day. Will you spend it on a stony beach, enjoying the company of stray dogs and cats playing under your feet? Will you rent bikes and ride country roads in the sunshine? Or maybe you will finally visit the ruins of the castle on the hill? You can also go to the bus stop without any timetables. Wait for a bus that will take you to the city center. Get to know some of the Greek culture and traditional cuisine. It is Greece. Many possibilities, everyone will find something for themselves. From idyllic atmosphere to luxurious resorts.

Is Greek cuisine tasty?

You will eat well in Greece. I have never seen so many variants of gyros. The food is tasty, you will always end up full, and at the end you get a free dessert! What’s funny, in Greece for the first time I met with the fact that you pay for snacks, which are served immediately, just when You come (unless You won’t eat them), and you do not pay for dessert!

We were not familiar with their culture.

One day in a restaurant, after serving us appetizers and after eating a full dinner we were heading towards the exit. One of the chefs called us to come back to the table, because it is not the end! We were served dessert, which surprised us a lot. Despite our attempts to refuse and explain that we did not order anything. We quickly received the information that the dessert is always at the company’s expense. At the same time the starters that were given to us at the beginning, needed to be paid. We were also not informed about it.

It’s part of their culture.

However, I met with this only in Kefalonia and I can not comment on this issue when it comes to Rhodes and Crete. Being in Kefalonia you will surely notice that this small island is full of candy shops. They tempt with fresh products. In Greece, in front of restaurants at lunch time, there will be Greeks, encouraging you to take advantage of their restaurants. Inviting you with gestures of hands and open body language.

What does Greece look like?

The Greek Islands are very mountainous, you can enjoy beautiful cliffs views. Water is very clean and the beaches are usually stony. The weather is fine from May to September, and outside of these months is moderately warm. If you do not like hot weather, I recommend choosing September or May, it is then warm enough to sunbathe. Warm enough to calmly explore the attractions and not get tired. Evenings can be cold!
And if we are talking about fauna and flora, then I think that Greece is not much different from the rest of the European islands. Palm trees, Eucalyptus, Agave and alternating conifers and deciduous trees. When it comes to animals, of course you will not miss a lot of insects, spiders and lizards. But you will encounter hundreds of stray street cats on your way.

Beaches in Greece are mostly rocky.

In Kefalonia, however, we met with a lot of gravel or sand, which I personally prefer more. Everyone will agree with me that lying on stones is not the most comfortable. There is no mention of walking on it. The water is clean, I did not meet with the garbage on the beach, they are certainly well cared. On this island we were out of season (end of April / beginning of May), so there were practically no tourists in addition to us. Beaches were usually only for us. Water temperature – here I can not lie to you, it was cold! We have nothing to complain about, cause the Baltic Sea, neither warm or clean :).

We recommend Greece with all our heart, sincerely and wholeheartedly.

If you are planning your overseas holidays and you do not want to spend a lot of money Greece will be the perfect direction. I think that every island has its own climate, you will find something for everyone. While returning home you will plan your next trip. You will be sad that vacations can not last longer.