Argostoli – the capital of Cephalonia.

Argostoli definitely belongs to the larger and more developed towns of Kefalonia. There are many restaurants, markets, supermarkets, bars, rentals and bus stations on site. To Argostoli we were attracted by a bridge led by the sea, connecting two bays. Also local turtles, who love to bask on the Argostoli bridge. It was a lazy day, all spent on eating ice cream and fruit from the market. Tastes incomparably better than those that you can get in England. We sat in one of the more crowded restaurants and as usual Greek cuisine did not disappoint us. The Greeks love to eat, they attach great importance to their dishes. Their cuisine is really tasty. After the meal, we went for a walk along the bridge connecting two bays.

I heard that when walking along the bridge you can find turtles, which made the bridge their home

That day, however, we were unable to see them. From the bridge we have a view of the entire archipelago of the city, built on a hill. After going to the other side, we just went ahead. There we reached the port, where our attention was drawn to an old, neglected ship that resembled a wreck. We were not able to get more information about it. Peter, like most guys love deserted places and when he sees any, he wants to go there and find something interesting. Which usually is not there, but let’s give them a lot of fun and let’s walk with them without any sense.

We saw the abandoned factory from a distance.

We do not know what kind of factory it was, because she was right next to the port, she could be everything. However, the abandoned factory was not closed. Sometimes, venturing into an unknown place is not the best choice. During our walk, we walked along a pebble beach. We started to smelled something. It turned out that right next to the beach, we found a decomposing, large turtle. We passed him at the beginning, because it merged with the colors of the stones. We’re sure it was just a huge stone. We wondered if he was thrown out by the sea. Or the turtle himself chose the place where he would die, because it looked as if he chose it himself. If anyone knows anything about it, let us know, because it is a mysterious mystery to us.

I know that polluted seas and oceans cause the death of many animals.

Turtles are one of the more frequent cases. They eat plastic floating in water that resembles their natural food. My research on the Internet has only led me to the conclusion that this could have been the reason for the death of this tortoise. I am always moved by the fact that the world we live in is slowly dying. And we are the ones who does it. When going for a walk to the park, or lying on the beach, bathed in the sun, we do not want to have tons of rubbish around us.

Many people, despite the rubbish bin, after all throws garbage on the ground.

The wind usually transfers such rubbish to the water. It’s harder to get the rubbish out of the water, because they gain weight by soaking them. Or they just getting filled by water and start sinking to the bottom. So before you throw the trash to the ground, think about what it may cause. Maybe it is your bag that will land in the stomach of an animal. Maybe it will cause his illness or death. Let’s take care of our environment. We all breathe the same air, we walk on one land. Let’s not waste stuff which we can enjoy every day.

Returning to more pleasant topics...

In Argostoli, you can easily stock up on supplies when it comes to food. As it is the capital, it is easier to communicate here in English and find the products you are looking for. From there you can also take buses that will easily transport you to other towns. However, you will definitely pay more here for hotel. However, we think that sometimes it is better to pay more for accommodation. The money you will not spend on a good location, you will spend on transport from a worse location :) We recommend everybody to visit Argostoli, even just for one day!