Lakithra, Cephalonia – How to ruin your holiday?

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Well, did anyone of you ever go on vacation, and just nothing went as it should? We’ve gone through it, just in Cephalonia. Trips abroad, to a little developed place – in terms of tourism – off-season have their drawbacks. For example, the fact that the transport is not so well organized or that there are not many attractions in the area. Native residents are not necessarily able to communicate in English.

Restaurants can be closed, and most stores are open only during rush hour.

All this is related to the fact that commuting to different places may be impossible, very expensive or very time-consuming. What, as you probably guessed, brings us to abandon many plans. However, it only depends on you how you will react to this. We were not prepared for what awaited us on the spot.

Why do you need to do any research at all?

At the moment you will not find much on the Internet about Kefalonia. Also nothing about transport on it, ferries, optional trips. Even about ordinary attractions that please the eye. I only met with information that Kefalonia is not an island developed in terms of tourism.

Well, it’s wonderful, because we wanted to relax from the city and people.

On the spot, however – it turned out that not developed, means – wilderness, silence, chickens, village, no living soul. I organized this trip on my own, I wanted to find something cheap, nice. On the app, I found a well-rated apartment. After searching the location, restaurants, cafes, etc., I calmly booked this place. Knowing that we can calmly move from there by bus, which stops five minutes from our location. Exactly. The moment I was looking for information about the island, people described it in the high season, and we were there in early May. Nothing were working.

We were traveling on foot or by terribly expensive taxis.

Restaurants and shops were opened late. They were not filled with a full range. It often happened that we waited under the shop for the owner. Who knew that he did not have to hurry. He knew that he does not need to open the shop at time. His clients are only locals who are perfectly aware of when the store will be actually open. That’s why when going to Greece in the off-season – get ready for the fact that you will not necessarily find there the fullness of life and a ton of tourists. Despite this, I do not think it is a big minus. It slows down the schedule of the day, but that’s what it’s all about on holiday so you do not hurry. Do not spoil your mood, try to understand another culture and adapt :)

The place where we stayed is called Lakithra and I can recommend it for people who love quiet, charming and homely atmosphere.

In Lakithra, We lived alone in the apartment, from which the view stretched out to the sea. Next to us lived local people who had chickens and sheep who grazed nearby. If you want to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday rush, or wake up together with crowing cocks. I heartily recommend this town. In Lakithra there are not many restaurants, from what I remember, there was one pizzeria and a restaurant with Greek cuisine – which I VERY recommend (Grill House Restaurant ΤΟ ΨΗΣΤΗΡΙ).

The food was delicious, the service was nice, the prices low, the meals plentiful.

Not far away there was also a mini market and, of course, a candy shop – bakery. There was also a lot of cats and beautiful views. We visited Kefalonia mostly on foot, because we were financially unable to afford anything else. It turned out to be the best choice. Although I must admit that it was a bit tiring, but it was pleasantly tiring. In this way, we found by chance a beautiful beach, a charming port, and even went to barbecue with the Greeks.

Are the Greeks helpful?

We met the Greeks on the port where he was supposed to moor the ferry. We were supposed to sail on a one-day trip to Zakhyntos.They were fishermen who spent long hours in the sea to catch fish for dinner. Greece does not belong to wealthy countries, as everyone knows – a crisis took place a few years ago. Fishermen in the car were very curious about the situation in England, they asked us about Brexit, and they themselves complained about the policy of their state.

When we arrived in Lakithra, it turned out that our new friends have a small neighborhood shop.

They invited us to a barbecue. When we wanted to buy drinks and snacks, they did not want to take any money from us. We did not stay at the grill because we thought we should not. We thanked for help and said goodbye.

The Greeks are very helpful and kind, always trying to get you out of trouble.

Although they do not earn much money and live in poverty. They must sail out into the sea in the middle of the night to get dinner by their own hands. The first thing after getting off the fishing boat was to share their goods with cats. Then, without grimaces on the face, only with a big smile, broken English, they tried to help us as much as they could.

Were we finally satisfied with our trip?

Yes, of course! So far, we remember every situation with a smile on our lips. We learn from our mistakes. The only thing saddening us is that we did not manage to see everything we planned. Fortunately, many years before us, so maybe we will be able to go again for another holiday in Kefalonia;)