Kefalonia – what is worth visiting?

We have Lakithra and Poros behind, which I described in the previous post, so now it’s time for one of the most beautiful places on the island of Kefalonia – Peratata. The village of Peratata is about 5 km from Lakithra, where we have stayed. Our trips were on foot, so getting there should take us about an hour. We stopped on the way probably a million times. There is always a reason to stop for a second, like – it’s a dog and you need to pet, and because it’s a kitten and you have to take a picture, here a charming church, and right here The Greek woman in her garden has an exhibition of hand-made furniture. I wonder if your trips look like ours or are we just freaking out like Chinese tourists?

Castle in Peratata.

We wanted to go to Peratata, because of the Agios Georgios castle on the hill. We recommend going there not only for the castle, but also for the charming town that you have to go through, before you reach the top. The castle is ruined, but they have their charm. The view from it stretches over the entire coast.

You don’t need to pay for a tickets.

You can easily get around the whole castle without a hurry, but it is also prepared for tourists, because there are cannons and other accessories with descriptions on the site. As well as a small stage with seats – we suspect that this is for the sessions with guides. I would like to remind you that we were in Kefalonia at the turn of April and May, and this island just start developing in terms of tourism, so there was no living soul there. We met only single tourists and … cats :)

Returning we went to eat at one of the restaurants under the castle.

It was beautiful. II Borgo Restaurant. We took our seats on the view terrace and it was he who tempted us to stay longer. The sun warmed our bodies, the wind gave us relief. The views stretched out over the entire coast and farm fields, on which sheep were grazing.

Cephalonia is a very idyllic island, which suits us very well.

It is a place where you will rest from everyday life. Do You remember how wonderful it was, when the roosters and the sun woke you up. All day spent hopping on haystacks, riding a horse, swimming in ponds and lakes. Even when I write about it, before my eyes I see cows lazily chewing grass and sheep chased by shepherd’s dogs … and a shepherd sitting under a tree in the shade. And all of these sounds of singing birds or bells hung on cow’s necks? This is the Greek climate.

Peratata will not take all day for sure.

It’s a small place, the only attraction there are the ruins of the castle. In the town itself we saw only one store. However, charming streets, white houses, covered with colorful, lush flowers are remembered. Do we recommend Kefalonia?I heartily recommend Kefalonia, as well as all other Greek islands! I’ve heard a lot of good things about other islands. I would like to go to Zakhyntos, Santorini and Mykonos, and of course the continent … for example, Athens. Have you ever been to Greece? If so, write in the commentary where you have been, and also whether you recommend going there! We are curious about your opinions.