Pessada Beach

Do you remember the story of two fishermen who helped us solve the mystery of the missing ferry? This day, however, ended wonderfully. After going to the port where we were supposed to catch the ferry, we found a beautiful bay with a sandy beach. We did not even have time to go down to it, so we just moved on. At the moment when it turned out that we did not sail on Zante, we decided to go to the location we found earlier. We got some snacks and drinks in a Greek shop. Then we went ahead looking for a bay – Pessada Beach.

A wealthy man possessed a beautiful place.

Fortunately, it turned out that we are wrong. You can somehow go down to the beach. It’s a bit difficult to get there, there are no leading signs, and there are houses around the entrance. We managed, however, to find a stairway, leading down, overgrown with thick bushes. We were sure that we could not go in there. That it belongs to someone and it is someone’s entrance.

It was not described and was in someone’s home.

After all, we went down the stairs … after a few steps you could see beautiful views. There were 4 people on the beach besides us. The beach was sandy, surrounded by cliffs … the water was crystal clear. We walked across the beach, at its end there was a tiny bay, surrounded by stones. Spent the whole afternoon there. We passed our first swim in the sea and savor the full sun. Pessada Beach is definitely recommendable. It is worth going there, even for the views!

Why did Pessada Beach steal my heart?

Honestly, these holidays were supposed to look completely different. I had huge plans, but without a car many of them could not be fulfilled. When booking the hotel I was sure that the beach is much closer. However, on the spot it turned out that the beach is a long way to walk. The roads were built around mountains and rocks, hence you can guess that the road there is a spiral. The car would be much faster, but well.

Our laziness then came out sideways.

When I saw this bay, I could not get away from the thought that I had to go back there. Fate wanted us to be there the same day. Pessada captivates with views, crystal clear water and views … the sea, clad with cliffs, and the view of the mountains behind all this? What more could you want? It was beautiful. It was definitely worth not to go to Zante!