How to get from Cephalonia to Zakhyntos?

At the moment when we realized that in the off-season the transport is practically not working. We do not have a driving license and nowhere around there is no “rent a car” or even “rent a bike”. We decided to walk to the port and go to Zakhyntos. Zakhyntos is a place that I’ve always wanted to see. When I showed Piotrek photos from the wreck beach, we stated unanimously that it is worth it.

The Google search engine instructed us that the ferry departs from the port, an hour away from us on foot.

The ferry departs from there to Zakhyntos several times a day. I was extremely excited that even though the trip did not seems to be exciting, I would see the famous beach with a wreck. We arrived at the port with a great time, but there was no sign of the ferry. That’s when fishermen moored and informed us that ferries are not sailing today. That there is a strike and it is not known until when it will last.

Okay! After all, we are in Greece, my dears.

It is not surprising that something does not work, does not float, does not go, because there is a strike. We decided to go to Zakhyntos the next day, from another port and spend money on a taxi. Got up at 4 am, the taxi was waiting for us. We went to the city called Argostoli. From there, a bus that was going towards Poros was supposed to leave, from where our ferry to Zante was supposed to depart, with a change on the island of Kyllini.

First to Poros!

The trip to Poros took some time. Along the way we also had stops to pick up the rest of the passengers. The views, however, rewarded the time spent on the bus. Being in Greece, You should expect that people there are used to driving on cliffs and steep, winding roads. For us, it may seem like a terrifying experience. However, we like a little adrenaline, so riding in a big bus on mountainous roads was an interesting experience for us. Often, the views stretched out on the towns situated between the mountains, with a view of the sea. Houses built on the slopes, beautiful views. At such moments, I want to stop the bus, get off it, and be grateful that I can see something like that with my own eyes.

Greek kindness or Polish clumsiness?

We arrived to the port. Tickets bought. The ferry is ready to sail. We go into. We sail and reach Kyllini. Go to the booth to buy a ticket. It turns out that there are two booths, in two colors. We came to the first one, regardless of the fact that they do not only differ in color, but also the name of the carrier. We asked the seller about tickets for Zakhyntos. He politely informed us that the ferry departs in a few hours, and the last return from Zante departs in 6 hours. It turned out that we could spend an hour at Zante, in addition – at the port. In an hour we will not see a beach with a wreck.

Something was wrong, because Google spoke differently.

The ticket seller said that there is no other way out, that it can not be otherwise and that it is the only possible combination. We landed on Kyllina without any sense. No coverage on the phones, no other options, people who we asked for help did not speak English. The island seemed even more desolate than Cephalonia.

We were already tired, the excitement dropped to level 0.

The sun started to be tiring. So we bought a return ticket to Kefalonia and after a few hours spent on the port at Kyllini, we were already on a ferry back to Poros. From the ferry, right next to the port, I noticed something like a pier.Carved in the rock, at the beginning I thought it was impossible to find a restaurant in such a place, certainly not in Kefalonia. Tourism is not yet well developed there, yet! We went there, it’s definitely my favorite, so far. It is carved in the rock, with a wooden platform, on the shape of a bridge, next to the sea, with a view of mooring ferries, port and cliffs. It was nice to spend time there and relax, immediately after such a profession.

Visiting Poros

After some time, we went deep into the city, not to lose the whole day for crying over the situation. We came to the concrete hill. We were alone there, but in the season there must be a lot of people looking for impressions. The hill was high, so we had a view of a large piece of the coast from there. From there, we also noticed the beach we went to. If we had more time, we would visit more, but the sun was descending towards the west. The beach was clean, empty, pebble, and several restaurants and souvenir shops were open behind it. We still had some time for the bus, so we went to one of the restaurants.

This is Polish clumsiness and Greek kindness.

Sitting around, sipping cold drinks, we were observing ferries. We were intrigued that they moored quite often, but still there was still no connection to Zakhyntos. I decided to check where they are going. Typing namesof ferries on the Internet, I learned that one of ferries is headed for Zante. How wasit possible? Polite ferry ticket seller informed about the company, which he was working in. Although questions about other possibilities, he said that that was an only solution , what they have. It turned out, however, that colorful booths must mean different companies, not decorating the building. But I can say, that it was our mistake as well. We should went to another one and ask anyway. That is how we learning from mistakes.

Was it worth it not to reach Zakhyntos?

Eventually we visited Poros, we spent nice moments in a charming restaurant. We’ve learned to ask more and everywhere. However, we are both of the opinion that what happened was supposed to look like this and they are lessons for us. They show us how to proceed next time or just to enjoy the moment in spite of everything. To draw as much as possible. While thinking about this day, we have a big smile on our lips, because despite the situations, we finally saw other beautiful places worth watching. We have beautiful pictures and wonderful memories. And Zakhyntos is still waiting ,and who knows? Maybe again, we will visit Cephononia, going on it by ferry;)