Parrot Aviary in Cracow – Attractions for children.

During Our last stay in Poland, we visited Our family in Cracow. As our family consists of two lovely girls, one of the Cracow attractions was the parrot aviary there! Cracow has many beautiful and interesting places. However, it was the aviary who stole my heart. As I am a fan of all kinds of animals, the parrot aviary was perfect for me. I also had the opportunity to fulfill one of my little dreams. That is meeting alone with the Ara parrot!

Is the parrot aviary a safe place for children?

In the parrot aviary, before entering the cages special sleeves are obtained that secure the forearms from the claws of parrots. Additionally, to protect clothes, capes with hoods are put on. Parrots also like to sit on people’s heads. The hands are disinfected with antibacterial liquid before entering. Be careful with your clothes.

Parrots are able to poke holes or tear buttons or loops.

They love colorful nails and tattoos. Rings, necklaces and earrings are also a perfect target for them! That’s why it’s good to take off everything before you enter the cages :). After all, the owners tell you before entering cages you can or can not go in without a guardian. Small children, however, definitely prefer a cage with newborn parrots. There are plenty of them there. In addition, they are not heavy, and their claws do not penetrate the skin while sitting on the shoulder. Parrot aviary is a safe place for children. You can also organize birthday there.

In the parrot aviary, in which we were, the cages were divided into 4 parts.

In the first part there were medium-sized, colorful parrots, which willingly came into their hands and took places on their shoulders. Another cage with newborn and smaller parrots. Those parrots were quite skittish and it was hard to persuade any of them to come closer.

The next cage was the smallest, and there were more intrusive parrots in it.

Their best entertainment was plucking buttons and searching for colorful points on the body that you can pluck ;). The last cage is my favorite. You enter to it for only 20 minutes and only with a guardian. The guardian tells you about parrots. In this cage there are the largest parrots, which are also heavier. The show is being stolen by a blue Ara parrot who clings to phones, cameras and all kinds of trinkets. It is so heavy that I could barely keep it on my arm. Because of that, she stuck her claws harder in me because she could not keep my arm balanced. She weighed about a kilogram.

A child being with parrots from such a close will surely teach respect to nature!

I believe that children should have a lot of contact with animals and nature. It teaches them responsibility and respect for the other creature. It makes them aware of how the world works. Parrot aviary shows that these animals, although they are beautiful, colorful and willing to close encounters, may also scare you. They have claws and beaks that they willingly use to their surroundings. This makes the child aware that not every creature is thought of as a man and has the same disposal as we do. Animals are also wonderful companions for children. I have been living with a lot of pets, such as dogs, hamsters, turtles or rabbits. This is a great thing, even because children can find pet as a friend.

Parrot Aviary in Cracow – Opening hours, prices and offerings.

“Papugarnia Amazon” – parrot aviary in Cracow has two buildings. One is in the city centre and the other one on Opolska Street. We were in the second one. Service is very nice and they are really into parrots and customers. They have a lot of knowledge, so they’ll answer all your questions. There is also a birthday party for children, up to 15 people. There is a special room for this. As for details, ask in the parrot aviary. I think that an educational lesson is a very nice choice! It costs 200 PLN, it lasts 45 minutes. A maximum of 25 people can enter the class. Guardians tell there why parrots have colored feathers, why some birds can speak or where they live. I think it is interesting activities for children. However, for entering the cages for 30 minutes. we will pay 15 PLN. For an hour 20 PLN.

The price  is different not only because of the time You spend in parrot aviary.

In a more expensive version, we will take part in an educational lesson in a cage with the Ara parrot. Opening hours are slightly different in both facilities. Parrot aviary in the city center is open from 12:00 to 20:00 on business days, while on Opolska Street from 12:00 to 19:00. On weekends in the City Center from 10:00 to 20:00, and on Opolska Street from 12:00 to 19:00. Website: We highly recommend Parrot aviary on Opolska Street! It is definitely fun for children, although I need to be honest and say that I was delighted too;).