Wrocław has many attractions – one of them is Japanese Garden.

One of them is the Japanese garden. It is located a short distance from the market square. But not only the garden tempts tourists. Right next to it there is a huge area extends the Wroclaw pergola and Hala Stulecia. Nearby there is also a botanical garden and a beautiful, huge Zoo! Today, however, I will focus on the Japanese garden. It is rare when a Wrocław citizen has never been  in a Japanese garden. However, there are exceptions, such as my dad. He was born in Wroclaw and he visited hundreds of times around the Japanese garden, but he never visited Japanese Garden. Piotrek, when he was a little boy, visited a piece of Wroclaw with his mother. He told me that he visited the gardens, but he remembers nothing. I decided to change it!

The Japanese Garden is one of the most romantic places in Wroclaw.

Strolling around the garden you pass couples in love on the benches, or sitting on the stones, by the pond. The garden itself was located in the Szczytynicki Park in Wrocław. Designed for residents of Wrocław as a place for rest and sightseeing. It perfectly fulfills its function. Assistance in designing was given by the Ambassador of Japan, from Warsaw. Many specialists and architects worked on the reconstruction of the garden. In this also Japanese. The garden perfectly reflects Japanese culture. In the pond there are different colored Goi carp. An ideal place for people who appreciate the natural beauty of fauna and flora.

Right next to the garden is a Pergola, and next to it a Wroclaw’s Multimedia Fountain.

After a successful walk through the garden, it is worth going to the Pergola to watch a multimedia fountain show. Demonstrations during the summer take place several times a day. Water from the fountain co-plays with music. However, it is best to go to the evening show. This is when the colors are best seen.

The shows have different lengths.

The longest are those with classical music. They last about 15 minutes! The spectacle is interesting, definitely worth seeing – I admit it. I do not know about you, but I love water. I like to sit in water parks, jacuziis and other similar. I’ve always liked the way water works. How can you maneuver it. The sound of waves, whether the waterfall always calmed me down. I could sit at a waterfall or in the water all day and I would not get bored of it. Therefore, the display of the multimedia fountain definitely appeals to me.

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw – Prices and opening hours.

Tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office, right at the entrance to the Japanese garden. A normal ticket costs only 4 PLN, concessionary 2 PLN and children under 3 years of age have free admission! :) The cost of the annual subscription is only 20 PLN. In the garden you can also do a wedding session, for which you pay 100 PLN :). From April 1 to October 31, the garden is open from 9:00 to 19:00.

From November 1 to March 31, the garden is unfortunately closed.

Admission to the multimedia fountain is free, but I have heard rumors that it has to change. As for the hours of screenings, more information can be found at http://www.wroclawskafontanna.pl. The shows take place in day and evening. But in the summer. As for the rest of the seasons, the shows take place much less frequently. It’s best to check it on their website.

Is it worth it?

Wroclaw is my city. I was born here and I have a huge fondness for him. I have already visited a piece of the world and of course – many cities have their charm. However, it’s good everywhere, but it’s best to be at home. Wroclaw has so many attractions that I will definitely have to devote a separate category to it :). The Japanese garden and the whole area is really worth your time. I definitely recommend this place as well as the whole of Wroclaw! You will not regret it :).