Plaza de España – how to buy boat tickets?

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Expectations were small because I do not know a single person who was there. Seville has never been recommended to me, I have never heard of her being worth visiting. I’ve heard more about Madrid and Barcelona. However, Piotrek grew up in Majorca with his best friend who comes from Seville. Through this acquaintance, Piotrek has a Sevillian accent! : D We had a choice between Barcelona, Malaga and Seville. We decided that we would go to the last city, because all in all our legs would never stand there – there is nothing there, and we are going on a weekend. We’re suprised that Seville and especially Plaza de España can be as wonderful.

We did a small research and I read that Sevilla is small enough to visit during the weekend.

And to be honest, it was. We did not visit everything, but a very large part of the city. Saw the most important places for us, and the trip was to be more for rest than for sightseeing. We do not regret our decision. Seville is BEAUTIFUL. Worth a visit. Calm, romantic, filled with orange trees and beautiful architecture. I’m just in love with her. Piotrek can not thank the feelings of places, which is why I wrote only about myself: D. To him, Seville likes it very much. So, in total, I can write that we are both in love with Seville. I will decide for him – as it happens in 99% of other situations, haha!

Where to stay in Sevilla?

Winter tickets are cheaper and the weather is wonderful. At times we had enough of the sun! Therefore, if you are worried about bad weather, then in our opinion you do not have anything to say! It is known, worse days will happen, but we hit the beautiful weather. We stayed at the Ibis Budget hotel near the airport. It is located quite close to the center. From the airport to the hotel you can get a special EA bus. The ticket costs 4 euros per person. The bus stop is 3 minutes from the hotel! I will add that Google maps show the wrong distance from the hotel. You can get to the city by bus number 28! A ticket for an adult to the center costs less than 2 euros per person (from what I remember 1.60- prices may change, depending on the year).

You can easily get to the city center in 30 minutes.

The only downside to the location of our accommodation was that on Sunday everything was closed. Ibis Budget does not offer dinners. Only offers breakfast. Fortunately, there is a regular Ibis Hotel just next to Ibis Budget. There, you can easily go for dinner and late supper. The food was tasty, quickly served and fresh. Worth the price. And the kindest staff. We paid 39 euros for one night. Our room was very small, not to mention the tiny bathroom. However, you can not expect much after the hotel from the BUDGET network. It is a hotel typically targeted at businessmen who buy overnight stays for one or two nights. For this reason, it is close to the airport! I would like to add that the rooms were very warm and the window tilted with huge noise. I recommend taking stopwatches with you if you plan to stay there!

Sevilla is a capitol of Andalucia region.

Seville once played a huge role in the world. It was this city that was one of the initiations of trade between America and Europe. Seville is a port city. Built on the Guadalquivir River. Monuments from this city are inscribed on the UNESCO list. And to be honest I was in a huge shock. I was full of admiration when I saw the Royal Palace of the Alcazar, Main Archives of India (there are documents about the Spanish colonies that were previously scattered in several cities) and the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These buildings are beautiful and I fell in love with Seville. The Spanish Square is very impressive, but these buildings have swept me off my feet. And so far they are the only ones that have been able to do it! (Everything in front of me!: P)

In this post I will describe only Plaza de España and Hotel Alfonso XIII.

Let’s start with the Hotel. It was built at the request of King Alfonso XIII – hence the name of the hotel. He wanted to honorably host international dignitaries during the exhibition in 1929. This hotel was built in the famous, for me, even luxurious and historic district of Santa Cruz. At the moment the hotel belongs to the Marriott hotel chain. Prices per night in the season reach even up to 600 (or more) euros. I must admit that it is phenomenal. Together with Piotrek during the evening walk, we decided to enter the hotel and look around. We politely asked the porter if we could enter.

We could only check out the Ground Floor of the hotel!

The hotel inside could not make a bigger impression. It is amazingly luxurious. It has its own museum, a collection of coins and jewelry and various types of sculptures. After leaving the hotel, we started talking to the porter. He also told us that the architect Anibal Gonzalez, who designed the Plaza of Spain, also designed this hotel. However, I found information that the main designer of the hotel was Jose Espiau. Anibal Gonzalez only hosted the competition for the best hotel project, which was won by Jose Espiau. If you have a moment of time, it’s worth taking a look inside!

Let’s go to the amazing Plaza de España!

Plaza de España is located in the Maria Luisa Park. As I mentioned above, the architect responsible for this miracle is Anibal Gonzales, who also designed buildings in Madrid. It was built from 1914. until 1929. In my opinion, short, for those times. However, given the position of Seville in those years, one would expect it. The square and the park are closed every day at 10 pm.

We did not manage to see it in the evening time, which we regret very much.

We were on site at 22:10 :D. Entrance to the park and the square is of course free. In the park and square you can ride a horse-drawn carriage, for which you have to pay an average of 40 euros. You can also rent a so-called Ciclos (unfortunately I do not associate the Polish name, they are four-wheeled vehicles, steering wheel and pedal-operated, it can accommodate two to eight people), bicycles or tandems.

In the middle of a scuare there is a nice fountain!

The substrate is arranged in interesting mosaics. The canal in the square, as well as the balconies are surrounded by beautiful columns decorated with hand-painted mosaics. I advise you not to sit on them in order to take a photo, because it is a monument. You can be “chastised” by the locals for that. I suspect that this may even end with a mandate, because we have witnessed a situation in which a Chinese tourist wanted to take such a picture and the man dealing with boats tried to restore it to no avail. Wanting not wanting the whole place is one big monument.

Canal on Plaza de España!

Piotrek belongs to people who are incredibly discouraged when they see the queue. I admit that I also hate them. The vision of standing for two hours in a queue and wasting life in it is not too exciting. That’s why I was sorry that I would not be able to cross a boat on the canal in the square. Queues at the weekend in the afternoon are dramatically great. To make matters worse, the boat ride is 35 minutes. There is a maximum of 4 people per boat. We saw a situation where there were four girls in the boat, who swung oars on various sides without any idea what they were doing. In the afternoon there is more traffic in the canal and it is quite difficult to get out by boats or even to take a nice picture without a few boats in the background.

We tghouth that we won’t be able to enjoy it as We planned to.

We also knew that many of these people exceed their 35 minutes, which increases the time spent in the queue. The next day at 14 we had a return flight and we were afraid we would not make it. We went, however, to the booth where the tickets are sold and we learned that the boat can be rented from 10 am and then the square is literally empty. We decided to get up early and fulfill our little dream of boating on the Spanish Square in Seville.

You can buy boat tickets in the shop next to Plaza de España!

The ticket costs 6 euros and guarantees you a 4-person boat that you can swim 35minutes. You can also rent a boat for 70 minutes, and the cost is 10 euros. When buying a ticket, you must pay an additional 4 euro deposit, which is refunded to you if you do not exceed the set time. You can also choose the option with a motor boat operated by one of the service members. This boat can be entered by 12 people and only 15 minutes. Hiring this boat was great fun. We highly recommend the issue of 10 euros for this attraction, because we were delighted. It is the opportunity to see the Spanish square from a completely different perspective! A 12 person boat costs 12 euros. No deposit. In summer, boats can be rented from 10:00 to 22:00 and in the winter from 10:00 to 20:00.

There is one more thing We loved during sightseeing Plaza de España.

Throughout its length, mini altars are built, devoted to each Spanish city. Each city has its own altar, with coat of arms and different mosaics. A map of the city is painted on the ground. During the day people sit there to relax and warm up in the sun. Around you can hear artists singing or flamenco music, which Seville is famous for. Sometimes you can also see a small flamenco show there, or even buy a fan from a local seller.

In the next posts I will describe more attractions which We have visited during our weeekend trip in Sevilla!

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