Seville – what to see? Is it worth it?

We went to Seville at the end of January. We stayed at the IBIS Budget hotel and spent two nights there. Due to the very limited time of the trip, and spontaneous decision on the trip, we could not see much. We regret that we could not stay longer in Seville, but we will definitely make up for it. That’s why I wrote a post for you “Seville – what to see during the weekend?”.

1) Be sure to sail down the canal on the Plaza de Espana!

This is an interesting adventure for both couples and for a larger group of people! The cost is 6 euros for a small boat for 35 minutes or 10 euros for a boat for 70 minutes. There are four people. You can also rent a boat, which takes only 15 minutes, and the cost of renting it is 12 euros and it accommodates 12 people. It is also worth mentioning that when renting a barge for the lowest amount, you must pay an additional 4 euros deposit, which will be returned to us if we do not exceed 35 minutes by boat! The channel runs through the entire length of the Spanish square. Definitely worth seeing the square from a different perspective! Plus, it’s great fun.

2) Go through the beautiful Plaza de Espana!

A huge and impressive Spanish square is located in the Maria Luisa Park. Entrance there is free. The area is closed at 22, so I recommend going there a little earlier, if you want to see the Spanish square also in the evening. Plaza de Espana is a beautiful architectural work. I particularly liked columns in hand-painted mosaics and altars for each Spanish city, run through the entire length of the square – just like the canal. The square is full of carriages, flamenco dancers and various artists dealing with handicrafts, music or magic. At the square there are also small kiosks, where you can buy souvenirs.

3) Take a walk around the Maria Luiza Park!

This park is beautiful and noteworthy. Seville delighted me with the number of orange trees that are there. There are a lot of them and they look beautiful. Every step you can enjoy beautiful monuments, sculptures, fountains or swimming pools. Most of them are lined with a mosaic typical of Seville. There are many stops in the park where you can sit and admire nature or even feed your ducks. There are several water reservoirs, as well as viewing terraces or bridges, and even a waterfall. The perfect place for a walk, and if you want to visit it quickly, you can rent a bike on site!

4) Go to Torre del Oro!

Torre del Oro is an old watchtower, which currently houses a museum and viewing point! I am describing this place in more detail, just like all the above mentioned in the post, here: to the museum costs 3 euros per person! It’s definitely worth going there. For views of the river and for learning about Seville. It will take less than an hour to visit the museum! It is tiny.

5) Walk down the promenade by Gwadalkiwir!

Torre del Oro is located by the Gwadalkiwir river. The river once played a huge role in world trade. It’s worth going to the pedestrian zone, if only because of the history of this place. Everyone is sitting there. They choose this place for social meetings or a lunch break. At the river are spread the gardens of the restaurant, where you can sit and admire ships passing by or buy a short cruise!

6) Go to the Santa Cruz estate and stop for a longer stay at the Hotel Alfonso XIII!

The Santa Cruz estate belongs to the more luxurious ones. It is where Seville is more vibrant with life. There is Hotel Alfonso XIII there, or even an old cigar factory! The hotel aroused curiosity about us because of its appearance. The architects of those times were great in my opinion. We were allowed to look around the hotel inside. It makes a huge impression. Inside there is a mini museum with a collection of coins and many more. Price per night is an average cost of 600 euros. We recommend you to take a look there, as well as walk through the orange park to get to the wonderful narrow streets of the streets full of handicrafts for sale!

7) See the most interesting architectural wonders of Seville and visit the Bullfight Arena.

A huge queue also leads to the Arena, we also recommend going there for the very opening! In the middle there is a museum in which, among other things, you can see the costumes of people participating in bullfighting and bullfighting. We looked at Arena only from outside. However, if we planned this tour earlier – we would definitely like to see the arena from the inside. We do not support violence among animals, but seeing the building itself is a piece of Spanish history and tradition, definitely worth a visit.

8) While walking around Seville, of course, it is worth paying attention to the other two buildings on the UNESCO list – the Main Archives of India and the Royal Palace of the Alcazar.

We recommend spending more time at the Alcazar Palace. It is definitely worth visiting this place, the palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The entrance to the center is paid. An adult must pay 9.50 euros for entry. People with disabilities and children under the age of 16 enter for free. It is also possible to enter completely for free regardless of age at certain times. The palace can only be visited for an hour. However, you need to reserve a ticket for this occasion and print it out. The places are also limited. Tickets can be bought, among others, here:

9) Try churros in the cafe at the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

We had to enjoy the view of the beautiful cathedral only from the outside. In my opinion, the most beautiful building in all of Seville. It is a cathedral that was built on the site of a mosque built by Muslims. Queues to her even in January went beyond the gate. The queue can be stuck for a good hour, no more. Ticket prices and current opening hours can be found here: It is also worth noting that the cathedral can be visited for free at scheduled times. Every Monday from 16:30 to 18:00. The number of places is limited, however, as in the Royal Palace of the Alcazar. The cathedral and the roof are visited separately. For a trip to the roof you pay 15 euros per person.

10) Main Archives of India.

The King of Spain, Charles III, commissioned the gathering of documents regarding Spanish colonies in one place. The building, which now bears the name of the Main Archives of India, was once the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Many foreign countries wanted to get down to writing down the Spanish history, which is why the authorities decided to create a new archive that will collect all documents.

And the same again, we recommend buying tickets online earlier! The truth is that Seville is one great monument and these architectural wonders are simply striking! See for yourself:

11) Finally, stop at the Flamenco show!

Flamenco music is everywhere in Seville. You can not be indifferent to all artists who spread this kind of dance on the street. Every now and then you can hear the clatter of shoes characteristic for this dance, rattles or fans. Therefore, stop for 5 minutes and look at them. You will not regret!

If you are a fan of visiting the monuments that are full in Seville, it is definitely worth taking out earlier tickets via the Internet and bypassing huge queues.

We did not realize the potential of this place, which is why unfortunately we did not manage to visit the monuments from the inside. We plan to return, however. Therefore, I heartily recommend you to learn from our mistakes!

A holiday in Seville where you should be:

Semana Santa – takes place in the great week before Easter! There are many churches in Seville, which is why there are many processions. There are crowds on the streets, gormacing around the altars showing the way of the cross on the platforms. The costumes of priests themselves in processions are very interesting. In our opinion, it is definitely worth seeing for yourself!

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