Torre del Oro is in translation – a tower of gold.

The Torre del Oro tower is located just off the Guadalquivir River. Once it served as a watchtower, guarding the order on the river. At the moment there is a maritime museum there. Entry to the museum costs only 3 euros per person. From above, the views extend over all of Seville. In our opinion, it is worth going there not only for the views, but also to see what it offers inside. At each level, we’ll learn something new about historical sea travels and great discoveries. Here is a link to the official site of the monument:

Opening hours and prices of Torre del Oro:

From Monday to Friday – 9.30 – 18.45
Saturday and Sunday – 10.30 – 18.45
Closed on holidays.

Cost per person – 3 euros
Students and children from 6 to 14 years of age – 1.5 euros
People from 65, disabled and children under 6 – free

Audioguide – 2 euros

There is a pedestrian area with restaurants along the Guadalquivir river.

Many people gather on pedestrian walkways. A lot of young people sit on the edge or the port stairs to eat or drink there. You can see that this is one of the more iconic places for young Sevilleans. The view from the promenade extends to Torre del Oro and ships passing by. They like to sit there, just like in the beautiful Maria Luisa Park.

Seville was one of the cities that initiated trade between Europe and America.

Seville was growing very fast and there was a lot of money invested in it. The most important and the most famous people came here. They walked the same streets that we have the opportunity to walk today. She achieved all this thanks to her huge port. In the maritime museum, we will see models of ships that sailed on the seas in those days. There are also cannonballs, cannons, beautiful china, and even furniture that were used on ships. We will also see original parts of ships there. And even beautiful captain portraits. Just like the ancient maps of the world. It is amazing how people once saw the world. And how brave they were to take on discovering new lands.

Seville has three buildings that are on the UNESCO list.

The funniest thing about it is that we really did not plan this trip. That’s why we were shocked when we arrived. We thought Seville was nothing interesting. The buildings included on the UNESCO list are the Royal Palace of the Alcazar, the Main Archives of India and the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. If you want to visit these places from the inside, we recommend you go there for the very opening and take into account the huge queue. Unfortunately, we gave up this pleasure when we saw huge queues. However, we hope that one day we will go to Seville again and then we will visit these wonderful buildings from the inside.

The Royal Palace of the Alcazar.

It is definitely worth visiting this place, the palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The entrance to the center is paid. An adult must pay 9.50 euros for entry. People with disabilities and children under the age of 16 enter for free. It is also possible to enter for free. The palace can only be visited for an hour. However, you have to reserve a ticket for the occasion and print it out. The places are also limited. Tickets can be bought, among others, here:

Main Archives of India.

The King of Spain, Charles III, commissioned the gathering of documents regarding Spanish colonies in one place. The building, which now bears the name of the Main Archives of India, was once the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Many foreign countries wanted to get down to writing down the Spanish history, which is why the authorities decided to create a new archive that will collect all documents.

Cathedral of the Virgin Mary.

In my opinion, the most beautiful building in all of Seville. It is a cathedral that was built on the site of a mosque built by Muslims. Queues to her even in January went beyond the gate. The queue can be stuck for a good hour, no more. Ticket prices and current opening hours can be found here: It is also worth noting that the cathedral can be visited for free at scheduled times. Every Monday from 16:30 to 18:00. The number of places is limited, however, as in the Royal Palace of the Alcazar. The cathedral and the roof are visited separately. For a trip to the roof you pay 15 euros per person.

The area around these beautiful monuments is beautiful.

Whole of Seville is clean, very bright and radiant. The perfect place for a winter trip. Escape from cold Poland. The gardens of cafes and restaurants are spread over the main streets. There is a lot to choose from. All cafes are tempting to smell. There are also plenty of confectioneries and bakeries in Seville. Literally one next to the other. The Sevilleans love baking! I was amused that the Sevilleans at the Majorca airport were taking Ensaimadas with them – the traditional Mallorcan pastries. Apparently, they must really love sweets, since leaving a city filled with patisseries bring more sweets with them.

It’s worth coming to Seville for even one day!

For example, to go through these beautiful streets and see beautiful monuments that literally take your breath away. To eat churros with chocolate for breakfast and drink coffee, admiring the beautiful buildings. Sail the boat to the Plaza de Espana. To take a break at one of the ponds in Maria Luisa Park. WORTH!

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