Cala Millor

Cala Millor is the longest beach in the area where we live. Immediately I must point out that in the high season it is difficult to find a beach that is not crowded with people. For lovers of tanning topless – there is no problem with it. In Spain, this is a natural thing. The village surrounding this beach is in my opinion more entertaining than neighboring Sa Coma or S’illot. You will also find plenty of restaurants, pubs, shops and charming pedestrian streets. Strolling through the pedestrian area there, you feel the real atmosphere of the Balearic Islands. Palm trees, paella, beautiful wide beach, with crystal clear water. In the background, mountains and huge hotels. Nature intersecting with technology.

Cala Millor is a beach loved by kids.

On the beach there you will find yourself surrounded by a lot of children. Several factors affect this. First of all, it is protected by many rescuers because of its size. On this beach there are many attractions, such as paragliders, bananas, motorboats, water bikes and more. There are restaurants just outside the beach. More deeply, there is also the Bonanza riding stables. In Cala Millor, apart from horse-drawn carriages, you can see organized horse rides. There are also two discos, and several mini theme parks. Such miniature theme parks usually have billiards, an inflatable castle, trampolines, a pool with mini pontoons for children and various play machines. Here are links to discos, Havana:

In Cala Millor everybody’s gonna find something for them.

Cala Millor is a city larger than the surrounding towns. It is full of restaurants, pubs and various tourist offices and rentals. I heartily recommend this place if someone thinks about staying there during their vacation. In every seaside town you can be calm about the attractions. Tourism is the largest business in Mallorca. That’s why the beaches have the best restaurants, hotels, shops and theme parks.

For those who would like to set out on a cruise in one day, there is also a solution.

In Cala Millor, as in other places, there is a port. There are wooden booths in front of the harbor where you can buy a cruise ticket. There are several cruises, you can sail on a regular ship, or one with a glass floor. Most, however, I recommend a round trip with a return ticket. Tickets are bought for him at Porto Cristo (if you are staying in Cala Bona, Cala Millor, Sa Coma, Cala Morlanda and S’illot), the cruise also departs from Porto Cristo. It consists in the fact that the whole day you can visit various bays and beaches.

The ship stops at every port.

You can then get off at the beach and spend some time there. Later at the given time, return to the port and take the next ship. This way you can swim all day long and enjoy Majorca’s eyes from the sea. You may be lucky and, like me, you will see wild goats leaping over the rocks. If you plan to go to Cala Millor with your child, you do not have to worry about it. There are plenty of attractions for children here.

In many stores by the sea you can buy foam, bathing suits, inflatable rings and sleeves.

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