Can Picafort – another beautiful tourist town – like any seaside!

Can Picafort, however, has something that attracts attention. Sculpture. Created by Joan Bennassar. They are mainly female characters, goddesses and fairies who “talk to nature and the sea”, recalling ancient Mediterranean civilizations! The local promenade is also wide and runs through the entire beach. A very pleasant place!

Located in the very center of the Bay of Alcudia.

It has three demographic centers: Santa Margalida, Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina. Can Picafort becomes the main city with the largest number of inhabitants and visitors. Became the most important tourist center of the city.

On the other hand, its special topography has led to human settlements, which makes it the municipality with the largest number of archaeological sites on the island.

Prehistoric remains that stand out are different: Talaiot Sa Nineta, Es Figueral de Son Real, Sa Punta des patrón and the funeral circle Son Bauló. The most important places are the Son Real and illa des Porros necropolis. The history of Can Picafort begins a little over one hundred years ago when some of the affluent families in Santa Margalida decided to build their summer homes in this area. Jeroni Fuster “Picafort” is the name of one of the people who started the development of this area.

Today Can Picafort is a Majorca tourist destination that has many hotels and restaurants.

In the early 70’s Can Picafort was a small fishing village with 200 inhabitants. Over time, it was transformed into a resort with almost 10,000 hotel rooms. In the Son Bauló district there is a small protected natural area called Son Real, where you can see many wild animals such as sea turtles, red pheasants, hares, rabbits, weasels, dormice and Algerian hedgehogs. In this area there are important archaeological excavations. Most of them come from before Roman times. The most famous are the Royal Necropolis or the Phoenician Cemetery.

As you can see, Can Picafort is an interesting place.

Especially for people who value peace and relaxation. It seems a place that values art, culture and tradition. It is in the area what to visit. There is something to eat. It’s where you sunbathe! In addition, Can Picafort is located on a beautiful coastline. That is why it is easy to get from there, for example to Alcudia. There are many more attractions and beautiful beaches there! I definitely recommend this place, all the more that it is cheaper than the great Alcudia.