Barbecue on the beach in Majorca.

Barbecue on the beach or bonfire on the beach is rather the norm in Poland. Since childhood, we went to the pond, lake or the sea for the weekend and ate meals from a portable grill. I admit that the vision of grilling in the bosom of nature is really pleasant. However, can you grill on the beach in Majorca? Or make a fire on the plot? Today I will raise this issue in the post. I will also raise the issue of hunting in Majorca.

Often going on vacation to the islands, where we come across boards informing that we are just entering a private area where hunting can take place. The question always arises in the head whether the owner of the area does not run somewhere around his territory with a gun and will shoot us. Unfortunately, the answer is not clear. It all depends on what documents the landlord has.

Hunting in private areas in Mallorca is only allowed if the owner of the site has the appropriate documents and permits.

In these documents, it is always individually described on what dates the landowner can hunt. There are also records about what and when can hunt and in what quantities. So if we would like to know if a landlord is running at a given moment with a loaded weapon, we would have to ask him to show you his permits. But could this man shoot you? The law prohibits him, but accidents happen. You can always appear on the fire line while hunting and have a really unfortunate accident.

Of course, this is really rare. Hunting spots are always marked with boards, and private areas should not be entered without the permission of the owner. One of the good examples is the Cala Marmols bay. Link here: spain/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki- on-majorca / inch-marmols / . I went to this bay with Piotr, entering a fenced private area, marked with warning signs that hunting is taking place in this area. The landowner could inadvertently follow us if we were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is also important that the person who gets the hunting permission is properly trained.

Knows when to shoot, how to do it, how to protect yourself. There is even a law saying that animals should be exposed to stress and pain as little as possible during hunting. Shooting a man while hunting is rather rare. However, look after the owner for entering his private area is highly likely. I wouldn’t be happy. So I recommend avoiding breaking the law in this way. However, everyone has their own mind and is responsible for themselves.

In this link you will find information about hunting in Majorca. All rules, rules, regulations, laws, articles: https: //www.fecaza .com / images / 2Fotosypdf_2018 / Pdf_2018_2 / Resolucion-vedas-mallorca-2018_2019.pdf
Here you will find animal species that you can hunt in Majorca:

In Mallorca, the biggest animal to hunt is really a goat. Or rather wild goats in Majorca, the so-called “bordas”. Each specimen of a hunted goat in Mallorca must be stamped by the Mallorca Local Development Department and hunted in designated areas.

Hunting with hunting weapons is allowed in Mallorca, only in areas designated for this purpose.

Weapons are, for example: bows, shotgun, “cans and llac” (traditional Mallorcan weapon on which goats are caught, to bring you closer to its appearance, I can compare it to a lass). Hunting dogs are also allowed. Wild goats can be hunted with cans and llac all year round. However, only with the appropriate permit, which must be renewed every year.

The decree also sets out other hunting rules, such as permits to use firearms while hunting while the bird is in the air and on land, etc. The hunter may only use hunting grounds on designated days. And you can’t hunt without permits, in harsh weather conditions or even during periods when Majorca has fires and animals have less chance of escape and shelter.

Barbecue on the beach in Majorca.

No, you cannot barbecue on the beach in Majorca, and you cannot smoke bonfires yourself. In the summer there are events where the relevant bodies deal with lighting fires on the beaches. This is usually done in the evening, until the night. These are called verbenas. It is then that you can take advantage of these amenities, and everything is controlled by the right people. If you are interested in the theme of events in Majorca, then I invite you to the post in which I wrote all the fiestas taking place on the island:

Barbecue on the beach and recreative zones in Majorca.

In Majorca, there are a lot of recreational areas where you can make barbecues or bonfires. However, only in designated, safe places, with permission. “Areas recreativas en Mallorca”, places where you can make barbecues from October to May:
Standards to be observed when using Majorca recreation areas:

Barbecue on the beach and bonfires in Majorca.

In Majorca, bonfires and barbecues can be made only under appropriate conditions. The conditions that must be met include:
– avoiding windy and dry days when lighting fires
– trying to light a bonfire in the morning
– make fires away from the machines so they don’t get caught
– bonfires can be lit at a minimum distance of 25 meters from forest areas
– the fire must be constantly monitored until it goes out
– all fire extinguishing measures should be prepared
In some cases, the burning of outbreaks must be approved by the administration. To do this, call SEIB at 112 and signal when the fire begins to burn, and state at what time the fire will be extinguished. Enter the days on which the bonfires will be burned. An environmental agent assigned to your case will issue an authorization to smoke a bonfire. The table below shows how it looks in reality.

Uso del fuegoDe 1 de enero a 30 de abrilDe 1 de mayo a 15 de octubreDe 16 de octubre a 31 de diciembre
A más de 500 m de terreno forestalLIBRE CON PRECAUCIÓN
The above table shows the dates and places where you should call the appropriate authorities before lighting the fire. “CON PRECAUCION” means “with caution”, “PROHIBIDO”, means “prohibited”, “NECESITA AUTORIZACION ADMINISTRATIVA”, means that the need for an administrative permit, “SEGUN NORMATIVA MUNICIPAL” means “according to the rules of the municipality”.

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