Bicycle tourism in Mallorca.

Bicycle tourism in Mallorca is very much developed. The climate of Mallorca attracts a mass of cycling enthusiasts every year. Various competitions and contests are held here related to it. In addition, cyclists can count on a really large choice when it comes to cycling routes on Mallorca. They can also count on a large selection of bike rental companies on the island. A simple city bike can be rented on average from 10 euros per day. The more advanced ones are of course more expensive.

In every major town there is a cicloturismo board, with a map of cycling routes in Mallorca. Routes here are color-coded and numbered and there is something for everyone. In many cities it is definitely worth to rent bikes at least for one day and ride around the area. I really like the route in the capital along the promenade (paseo maritimo) from the town of El Arenal to the capital itself. When I lived on the east side of the island a very pleasant route was the one from Costa de los Pinos to Porto Cristo. Of course you can go further, the choice is yours!

Is the weather in Mallorca favorable for cyclists?

Here at the very beginning I must point out that many people think that in Mallorca does not snow. It is, however, a little different. In some mountainous areas in Mallorca snow falls, however, this applies to the western, mountainous part of the island, but also loved by cyclists. However, it happens only in winter and lasts on average less than a month. Most of the time the sun shines on Mallorca and the weather is very friendly. If you don’t like the heat, I recommend you to avoid months like July and August.

However, if you like moderate heat, I would recommend the months from March to June and then from September to November. In the remaining months, i.e. from December to February, the weather is a mixed bag. It rains more often, blows harder, there are hurricanes and disasters such as floods and inundations. Then on Mallorca is not too safe, especially in the mountains. That’s why I would advise against those months for people who go to the island to ride a bike.

Which cycling routes in Mallorca to choose?

There are a whole bunch of routes and it’s very hard to choose the best ones. Therefore, here I refer you to two blogs, which perfectly described it. One is Polish and in the article you will learn interesting facts straight from the cyclists who went to Majorca: – You will also find some great routes here. And here I invite you to check out the other routes that are highlighted on this page, all in English:

How do car drivers treat cyclists in Mallorca?

The law favors cyclists in Mallorca. There are so many of them here that sometimes it is difficult to pass somewhere by car. That is why mutual respect is so important. In my opinion, cyclists should not ride in pairs or threes next to each other. However, the law allows cyclists to ride side by side, at least when it comes to two cyclists. Although this is dangerous in my opinion, it seems like appropriate behavior to many cyclists. This often causes congestion on the roads. In Mallorca, the law requires that the distance from the cyclist be more than 2 meters and, in addition, that the driver of the car slow down by 20 km/h to the prevailing speed of the road when overtaking.

Does everyone adhere to this? Of course not. The worst is on the famous tourist attractions, such as Sa Calobra or Formentor, where the roads are narrow and there is a mass of tourists. Here cyclists are in great danger, so it is advisable to be extra careful. I will use the fact that anyone who reads this and can carry the information to others. I would like to appeal to both drivers and cyclists. I ask you to put yourself in the other person’s place. Respect each other on the road and learn to give way to one another. Cyclist – don’t ride in the middle of the road and ride in a column, one behind the other, not side by side. Driver – reduce your speed and keep your distance from cyclists and don’t be aggressive towards others. This will make life easier for everyone.

Cycling in Mallorca is a mass of beautiful routes.

Beautiful views, wonderful climate and wild places. The roads are nothing to sneeze at as they are of great quality, even in the mountains. Not to mention the pristine, crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca is the perfect place for cyclists. There are a lot of climbs, but I guess that’s what tigers love most? If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, I’ll say one thing. Don’t hesitate! :)

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