Family holiday in Mallorca

Family holiday in Mallorca – a perfect idea! Attractions for children in Mallorca is a topic that comes up in your questions. In this post you will learn not only about what attractions to take your children during a vacation in Mallorca, but also about what beaches are safest for them. In fact, everywhere in Mallorca will find something for the youngest, but we all know that children are also demanding. Do not sit long in one place, well, unless we are talking about the beach or pool. Going with children on vacation we depend on the proximity of stores with good supplies, the possible pharmacies, playrooms, bouncy castles, mini amusement parks and water parks. The beach should be shallow and sandy. And, of course, you have to think about the parents.

The best areas for family holidays in Mallorca

In my opinion, the most popular choices among Poles are Alcudia (Playa de Muro also) and Cales de Mallorca. And these are very good choices, but I would stay in Alcudia. Purely and simply because parents will have fun there too. Cales de Mallorca is a very picturesque area, but without a car it can be uninteresting (MORE ABOUT CALES DE MALLORCA:

That’s because the public transportation there is poorly organized and getting to attractions in the distance is a bit tricky. Many people complain about being bored while on vacation in Cales de Mallorca. So it’s definitely a place for people who want to really relax. (MORE ABOUT ALCUDIA:

The Sa Coma area will also be great for families with children.

Family holiday in Mallorca – beautiful Sa Coma. I recommend it not only because of its beautiful beach, but also for the attractions around. There is a mini amusement park, and in the village next door – Cala Millor there are many more attractions for children. Open until late. Children certainly will not get bored here. In the area there is also a Safari Zoo and La Reserva, which is a mini water park, where you buy a ticket for the whole day. In addition to mini water attractions you can also eat and drink here. They also organize birthday parties here. Another place in the area, worth noting if you go on vacation with children, is a hotel, which is Splash World Aqua Park. Here you also buy an entrance fee, where kids can play all day! (MORE ABOUT SA COMA:

Palma Nova and Magaluf as a perfect place for family holiday in Mallorca

Magaluf is famous for being a super party place. Full of clubs, nudity, sex, drugs and alcohol. And unfortunately, it is. If you are going on a family vacation with kids to Mallorca, I would let Magaluf go. The only starting option (for me) is to possibly choose a suitable hotel, in which there will be enough attractions that leaving it will be unnecessary. Magaluf has its great attractions like Kathmandu or Western Water Park, but nobody will go there every day (prices are high). (MORE ABOUT MAGALUF:

A good compromise in this case would be to choose Palma Nova. It is a beautiful town located right next to Magaluf, so we also have close proximity to the biggest attractions on Mallorca. The beaches in Palma Nova are sandy, long and safe. If parents are looking for evening entertainment, there is no shortage of attractions in Palma Nova, and Magaluf is a 15 minute walk away! And kids in Mallorca during the vacations are sure to be fulfilled! (MORE ABOUT PALMA NOVA:

Attractions for children in Mallorca – water parks.

A great option when you go for family holiday in Mallorca would be to take them to the Kathmandu theme park. There is a rope park, mini golf, mini water park, house of illusion (upside down house) and several cinemas that show movies for children (3D, 5D, etc).
It will also be a very good idea to take children to the Palma Aquarium. A good idea to introduce children to the aquatic world!
There are also two large water parks in Mallorca. One is the Wester Water Park and the other is Aqualand!
Hidropark Alcudia will also be a great option for kids. This is a small water park located in the town of Alcudia.

Pirates Adventure – an attraction for children and adults.

Mallorca for families with children a Pirates Show. This is one of the most famous attractions for families with children (and not only). During the show there are acrobatics performed by people, performances with music and much more. As the name suggests – the show revolves around the theme of pirates, so this is the perfect place to take the kids.

Karting/Go-karts in Mallorca.

I know that kids really like go-karts. This is an attraction for slightly bigger kids, but there is a solution for that too. In such places, there are also mini tracks with smaller cars, where the youngest can chase. In most tourist destinations you will find such a track. Among others: Sa Coma, Cala Millor, Magaluf, Can Pastilla, Can Picafort etc..

Biking with kids in Mallorca.

Cycling with children in Mallorca is very widespread. It is often more profitable to take the bikes out for the day than to buy bus tickets or rent a car. If we choose the right region for a vacation with children, renting bikes is a super solution. For example, if you choose a hotel in Sa Coma, you can ride bikes to Cala Millor, s’Illot, Cala Morlanda or Porto Cristo and the famous dragon caves. All these towns are in close proximity and the cycling route there is well marked and separated from car traffic (mostly).

Sample bike routes that you can consider when vacationing with children:

“Paseo Maritimo” in Palma de Mallorca – this is a bike path that runs right next to the seashore. It is very easy and quite long. You pass several beaches and lots of stores and restaurants along the way, so you don’t have to worry about any stops. You can also explore the surrounding beaches and towns this way.
From Arta to Manacor – I have already mentioned a part of this route above. Bicycles with children can be freely moved from the historic town of Arta, all the way to Manacor! Along the way we pass beaches, orchards, and smaller tourist towns.
The road from Binissalem to Biniagual – this route goes through the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, which will definitely allow you to enjoy the beautiful views with your family. Along the way, you’re sure to pass a lot of orchards, farmland, see farm animals and typical, rugged Mallorca.

Tras jest o wiele więcej, ale uważam, że te 3 są najlepsze i z fajnymi widokami!

Horseback riding in Mallorca with children.

You can also go horseback riding in Mallorca. There are many stud farms here and many of them offer off-road rides with the whole family. Some of them also offer a meal or an evening bonfire. It all depends on the place. I highly recommend Rancho Bonanza in Cala Millor and Cala Agulla or Magaluf. During vacations, just type montar a caballo mallorca” and on google maps will show the nearest studs. I recommend first check in what conditions the horses are kept and how they look like.

Rope parks in Mallorca.

This is another great attraction for kids. Rope parks on Mallorca is a lot. I recommend the most rope park Katmandu, another in Paguera near the beach and the last one in Santa Ponsa, in the forest. There are many more rope parks, but these three made the best impression on me. During your vacation, type “parque forestal mallorca” into google. Then you will be shown all the nearest rope parks in the area.

The best beaches for family holiday in Mallorca

Beaches for families with children on Mallorca is a whole bunch. For simplicity I will write here the names of the beaches. I take into account only those where there are toilets, parking, and nearby stores and easy access. Here we go!
Playa Formentor
Playa de Muro
Cala Agulla
Cala Mesquida
Playa Cala Ratjada
Playa Cala Millor
Platja Sa Coma
Playa Porto Cristo
Cales de Mallorca (all beaches- Cala Domingos, Cala Antena, Cala Mendia, Cala Anguila etc.)
Cala Llombards
Cala Santanyi
Platja de Es Port
Platja Es Trenc
Cala Pi
Can Pastilla, El Arenal
Playa de Palma
Cala Major
Cala Comtesa
Palma Nova
Santa Ponsa
Sant Elm
Puerto de Soller

Family holidays in Mallorca – where to buy the most necessary things?

In my opinion, it is not worth buying basic baby cosmetics before a trip. It’s worth buying them on the spot, going to the nearest store from the SPAR chain, pharmacy or store chain MERCADONA or LIDL. Of course, there are people who prefer to buy specialized cosmetics and accessories. I just let you know that most basic things you can buy in a store on the promenade by the sea.

I mean sunscreen as well as swimming gloves, towels, caps and toys to play on the beach and in the sea. All of these things are here to stay. However, if your children have allergies or need special cosmetics, then definitely buy them before you leave!

I hope I’ve helped clear up your doubts about going to Mallorca. Mallorca for families with children is a great idea! You have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation in the European tropics!

What should you know before traveling with children to Mallorca?

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