Majorca is attracting more and more people.

A lot of people are moving here every year. There are quite a lot of us here, so you do not have to worry about lack of company on the island. Especially in the capital! However, there is one thing (and even more) that needs to be done to be able to register in Majorca, start work or open a bank account. You need to get a N.I.E number, which means Numero de Identidad de Extranjero (ID number for foreigners). It is kinda problematic and You need to wait for an apointment even few months.

It is worth to add that the number N.I.E is made on a different basis in other regions of Spain.

That’s why I decided to write a post about how it looks on Mallorca – on the island where I live. The law is constantly changing, so it’s worth making sure before we decide to make an appointment. I will also add that often whether we open a bank account, whether we try to make a health card depends on the person sitting behind the counter and the rules used by the institution (otherwise it will be in La Caixa bank, or Bankia bank). I recommend you to smile a lot! Spaniards are more gentle to people who smile!

To get a N.I.E number, You must to make an appointment – CITA PREVIA.

Cita previa is nothing but an apointment/visit. The meeting takes just a few minutes and takes place at the Oficina de Extranjeria in Palma de Mallorca (here: Calle Felicià Fuster 7, 07006 – Palma, Illes Balears). At the meeting, We must have completed the EX-15 form, have a Passport and its photocopy and 9.46 euro.

How to make an appointment to get a N.I.E number?

I will show you step by step how to make an appointment – Cita Previa. I will add that I arrange a meeting in Mallorca. For this reason, I will choose Majorca in the examples! In other parts of Spain, you may be able to do it faster, but I have been waiting for my visit for over two months. Take this into mind when planning your arrival to the island.

Step 1:

Go to:
In the section: PROVINCIAS DISPONIBLES I chose Illes Balears in my case (you choose the province where you will live). When browsing the province, click ACEPTAR.

N.I.E number
Step 2:


N.I.E number
Step 3:

On the page where you are currently located are the conditions that you must meet to make an appointment. If you are a citizen of one of the European Union countries, you must have an ID or Passport and a completed form. As for the ID Card … Cita Previa can be agreed ONLY via the internet. Unfortunately, I could not make an appointment by providing data from my ID card. I do not know if it was a mistake on the site, but I had to provide data from the Passport. If you will have the same problem. I can only recommend getting a Passport earlier. The second option is not interesting to us because we are not from outside the European Union. :) Then you click ENTRAR.

N.I.E number
N.I.E number
Step 4:

You have several fields to fill. At the top there is an inscription INTRODUZCA LOS DATOS DEL SOLICITANTE DE LA CITA, which means only that you fill in the form with the data of the person who is trying to get the N.I.E number. In TIPO DE DOCUMENTO, select D.N.I. – if you are using an ID card or PASAPORTE – if you are using a Passport. It is written in a gray table that you fill in the form carefully. Take into mind that You need to provide the exact data from the ID, because if you make a mistake, your appointment will be lost! Even by one wrong letter or number.

N.I.E number
N.I.E number
Do not use spaces.

Also check carefully all the data you fill in. If you have made an appointment and it turns out that you can not come to it, you can not apply for another one. You must cancel the previous one to be able to make an appointment. Fill in the NOMBRE Y APELLIDOS column (Name and surnames).

In Spain, you have one name and two surnames.

In Poland, we have two names and one surname (of course with exceptions). Enter your name there, your middle name (if you have one) and your surname. In the next column ANO DE NACIMIENTO (year of birth) enter the birth YEAR. Not the entire date. In the field PAIS DE NACIONALIDAD (country of origin), choose the country You are from. Another column POR FAVOR, VALIDE EL CAPTCHA PARA PODER CONTINUAR – here you must mark a square that confirms that you are not a robot. :) You click ACEPTAR.

Step 5:

It redirected you to the next page. The word IDENTIDAD DEL USARIO DE CITA is displayed in red, this means that the data on the underside shows the user who is applying for the meeting. Check if your data is correct. Then click SOLICITAR CITA.

N.I.E number
Step 6:

You appeared on the next page. You see the next sentence informing. SELECCIONE LA OFICINA DONDE SOLICITAR LA CITA. As I live in Majorca, I choose MALLORCA CNP POLICIA DOCUMENTACION, FELICIA FUSTER (P. LATERAL) (7). You choose the place where you want to have a visit. Click SIGUIENTE.

N.I.E number
Step 7:

You see the inscription INFORMACIÓN COMPLEMENTARIA. Fill in the next fields. TELEFONO – enter your phone number with the area code here. In the next field, enter your e-mail address. Underneath, enter your e-mail the second time. At the very end, there is a large table above which MOTIVO O TIPO DE SOLICITUD DE LA CITA is written. Underneath, type the reason why you need to get a N.I.E number. Here I recommend google translate – translate the reason why you need to get a number. For example: I need a N.I.E number to start the job. Click SIGUIENTE.

N.I.E number
Step 8:

The page with the calendar appears. You can choose a place from the list. OCUPADO means occupied. LIBRE means free. Choose a convenient date for you. Click LIBRE. A notification will appear in which it says that by clicking OK you will book CITA PREVIA. Click OK. At the moment you will be redirected to the next page where your CITA will be confirmed. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail. REMEMBER to save the e-mail. Record the date, time and number of your meeting! You can have problems without this.

N.I.E number
How to fill out Form EX-15?

Here is a link where you can download the form:
It should be printed and fill in only the first column! They’ll take care of the rest on the spot. I did not download the form from the internet. I was once in Palma and went to the office to ask for help in the matter of making a number. Then I received a copy of the form in hand. I only got the first page of the form and it was enough. On the “domicile” table You should write Your future/actual spanish adress. For sure, I recommend you print everything, fill in only the first column and possibly ask for help in completing the form on the spot! :)

N.I.E number
I hope that I have helped you to book a meeting that may actually change your life!

How does the meeting look like? When you enter the building, you have to queue under the sign POLICIA. When you get to the counter, you will enter the meeting number and your first and last name. They will remove you from the list and give you a number. You must wait until the system calls your number. Then you go to the desk. You provide a copy of the Passport, Passport (or ID and copy of the ID) and a completed form. Nobody will ask you too many questions. Alternatively, if you ever worked in Spain. They will ask you for the address where you live and give a document to sign. In addition, before you get a certificate with a number you will have to pay a fee of 9.64 euros.

How do you pay for the N.I.E number?

You will receive a document with a barcode on it. You go to the bank with this document (the LA CAIXA bank is located near the office). Make a deposit there! It may take a while. You return with the confirmation of payment to the office. You’re queuing again under the sign of POLICE. Then you provide the payment confirmation. It is attached to the rest of the documents and a certificate with the number N.I.E is issued to you.

What can you do with the N.I.E number?

It turns out that not much. When you make your first number, you get a certificate that is working ONLY 3 MONTHS. The number you have for life, but a certificate for 3 months. You can start work.

However, you can not register anywhere or open a bank account or apply for health care.

However, if you start work, you can automatically open a bank account (because now you have a REASON for which you have to open such account – to get Your money from work to Your account) and you can automatically create a health card (you start paying taxes, so you need health care for free and also You need to have a healthcare to work. So as soon as You get Your contract You need to go to the doctor!). In order to be able to check in freely and open a bank account, for no reason, you must create a resident card. How to do it? All about this in the next post!