Is Marihuana legal in Mallorca?

Is Marihuana legal in Mallorca? It depends on what exactly you are asking about. Marijuana cannot be sold or smoked in public places. However, in Mallorca it is legal to smoke Marijuana and to have it in your home, if it is for your own use and you don’t distribute it to third parties (of course we are not talking about possession of several kilos – we are talking about small amounts). So you can legally purchase and consume it, BUT – you can be fined for possession of marijuana or consumption on the street (depending on the amount and circumstances).

Cannabis clubs and cannabis associations – what’s it all about?

In Mallorca, as in many other places in the world, there are clubs and associations where members buy marijuana and consume it there. These are not “coffe shops”, but ASSOCIATIONS. Everything is legal, and in addition buying cannabis in these places we are sure that it is clean and tested. Many people believe that such associations even improve society. By belonging to such a club you can at least be sure of the legality and purity of the marijuana. So, is marihuana legal in Mallorca?

Cannabis clubs (Cannabis Consumers Association) are non-profit, non-governmental organizations. They are members only of adults, consumers of cannabis. Cannabis clubs/associations are supplied with cannabis, which members distribute among themselves, privately, in closed circles. WITHOUT INVOLVING THIRD PARTIES. This reduces the risk that comes with buying marijuana in other environments.

Legality of Cannabis Clubs.

You’re probably wondering how they do it. After all, surely the members of such clubs are a whole lot and the owners are turning over a lot of marijuana. WELL NOT REALLY. It turns out that in order for the owners of such an association not to be accused of drug trafficking, they can sell a limited amount of marijuana per year. And because of this, each member has a certain amount of marijuana they can consume in a given month. The number of members is often limited by this.

An additional piece of information that may interest you is that if a new member arrives, the first question they ask is how much marijuana they consume. This way they calculate how much each member of the association will be allowed to consume. So if you become a member of such an association, then you have to expect that your consumption of marijuana will be limited to the legal amount.

Such associations also include people who treat themselves with medicinal marijuana. There are usually many varieties of marijuana in such associations and in some, as a member, you take an active part in the cultivation. Some associations may only ask you to certify your ID, and in others you have to go through an interview or even be introduced by another member.

How do I get into such an association? How much does it cost? Where to buy weed?

I will not answer these questions. Because I don’t want to spread such information. If any of you reading this article would like to join such a club or consume marijuana, you do it at your own risk. This article is not intended to give the green light to smoking marijuana. It is just to inform you about some issues related to marijuana in Mallorca. Is marijuana legal in Mallorca? The answer is clear: NOT ALWAYS, NOT EVERYWHERE. NOT TO THE END. And now we move on to slightly heavier drugs and heavier topics….

Son Banya – drugs in Mallorca – is marihuana legal in Mallorca?

Son Banya is quite an unusual place on Mallorca, otherwise this place is also called Son Riera. It is located near the capital of Mallorca and it is famous for selling all kinds of drugs. There is literally everything there. Most people on the island know what this place is. Those who do know usually recommend a documentary about it, which you can watch on YouTube in Spanish. You can type “Son Banya Mallorca” or “La Paca Mallorca” into YouTube and everything will pop up. You might also be able to find a video called “Amen Romani” that reflects what this gypsy town used to be like.

There is a lot of money pouring in Son Banya, but that is not evident from the surroundings.

I don’t even know what to compare it to, to give you a proper picture of this place. Slums? Dirt, poverty, lack of education, diseases, alcohol, drugs – add the rest. This small town is inhabited by gypsies, the so-called “gitanos”, of which there are plenty on Mallorca. And because of this, in 1950 it was decided to build a town for them, where they had to improve their quality of life, with the help of the authorities. Unfortunately, the plan did not work out and the objectives were not achieved, which is also due to the fact that Mallorca experienced an economic crisis in 1973. The police have tried many times to fight this criminal group, but they are not succeeding very well.

You also hear a lot about many government officials “dining out” (haha) in Son Banya, not to mention policemen, etc. When Son Banya was at its “career” best, it supplied the entire Baleares and parts of mainland Spain with drugs. If a member landed in jail, he was immediately bought out by the rest.

Mallorca seems like a small island, but there is more going on here than not one expects. Not once I said that Mallorca has everything. And that everyone will find something for themselves. I guess I wasn’t wrong much? HAHAHA. I hope you don’t take this personally. I think that in this world everything is for people, as long as you do everything with your head. And since this topic manifests itself in my private messages, I decided to share this information with you.

Who is “La Paca?”

Francisca Cortés Picazo – that is her real name. It can be said that she is the head of Son Banya. This woman landed in prison for laundering money obtained from drug trafficking in 2019. She accepted a sentence of 3 years and 3 months in prison and to pay a 12 million euro fine. She was 64 years old at the time. In the Balearic Islands they call her “the Empress”. She is one of the most important drug traffickers in all of Spain.

I hope I have answered the question that has been bothering many people: Is marijuana legal in Mallorca.

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