The best beaches on Majorca.

The best beaches on Majorca are not always the same choice for all people. Many bloggers and influencers have already created their “top of the top” lists of places in Mallorca, including beaches. In my post you will definitely find the places that others have mentioned. There are a lot of beaches on Mallorca, but let’s not hide it – the island is tiny. Here is a list of beaches that in my opinion are the best in Mallorca. I take into account many factors, but the most important is of course the appearance of the beaches. However, they are not arranged in any order! All of them are worth recommending.

Playa de Muro – the northern coast of Majorca.

Playa de Muro is one of the best beaches on Majorca, the obvious choice in my opinion. Beautiful water colour, the longest beach on Mallorca. Soft sand, proximity to hotels, bars, restaurants, water attractions. Convenient parking, toilets, possibility of cruises, beautiful views. Plus plenty of natural zones, dunes and pine trees. And then there is the ideal beach for families with children and very well organised public transport. All these factors are a great addition to the beautiful views. This beach is definitely one of my favourites on the island.
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Playa Es Trenc – the best beaches on Majorca.

Playa Es Trenc is one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca. It lies in a natural park, not far from the salt pans. Many people have the wrong impression about it. As it is a natural zone, there will be a lot of algae here and the smells (from the standing water in the natural park) can be a deterrent, but really only on the way to the beach. Every year tourists complain about the amount of algae on Es Trenc. I have got used to it and Playa Es Trenc is long enough to walk either left or right and the algae will eventually be gone. Crystal clear water, views over a mass of yachts, bars and the famous beach bunkers, white sand and natural zones – this characterises Es Trenc. Be warned – parking costs 7 euros for the whole day.
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Platja des Dolc, Platja de Ses Roquetes – the south coast near Es Trenc.

In fact, I would like to recommend the whole stretch of coastline here. From Platja Es Port to Platja de Ses Roquetes. These beaches can be walked around one by one. It takes about an hour. The beaches are sandy, the water shallow and crystal clear. You can see the harbour, yachts and water sports enthusiasts going crazy in the water. There are several bunkers, fishermen’s cottages. There are also sunbeds, a bar and toilets on Platja des Dolc. A typically Majorcan paradise beach.
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Cala Vinyes – a famous beach with palm trees.

Playa Vinas is actually one of the more famous palm-fringed beaches in Mallorca. There are more such beaches, but this is the best one. There are a lot of them in a small area, which gives a nice effect. The beach is medium-sized and sandy. The views are of the rocky coastline and the hotels and often passing boats and yachts. Another beach ideal for families with children. It is guarded, with a bar and toilets. Behind the beach there is a town, shops, hotels and restaurants.
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Cala Comtesa – Cala Illetes.

In fact, this place consists of much more than just one beach. The main beach here is the one on the bay of Cala Comtesa, next to it there is the bay of Cala Illetes, and a little further on Cala Xinxell, which are so small that some people mistakenly think they are one. The most popular is of course the former – sandy and surrounded by beautiful nature. Pine trees, a restaurant overlooking the sea, yachts, ships, the beautiful colour of the water – what more could you want? You can also get here easily by bus from the capital.
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Cala Major – a great bay in the centre of town.

Cala Major is a really great beach, where unfortunately there are usually crowds of people. This is due to the fact that it is practically in the centre of town. Here I recommend to take a bus, because it is very difficult to find a parking place by car and it is paid. The beach is guarded, there are several bars, and you can rent water equipment here. The far right side of the beach is used for surfing and other similar water sports. This beach is quite wide and the views are of boats, yachts, catamarans, sailing boats, cliffs, rocks and hotels on the rocks. I highly recommend it, also because of the great waves and super colour of the water. I really like going back there.
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Playa Sa Coma – the best beaches on Majorca.

Playa Sa Coma is in my opinion a very underrated beach in Mallorca. I love it. Rarely have I encountered a lot of algae or dirty water there. The sand is clean, the water shallow and crystal clear. To the right of the beach is the harbour where you can buy tickets for catamaran trips. On the left side of the beach there is a ranch, where you can buy a ride on horseback to the small castle Castillo de Sa Punta de n’amer. You can also walk there (about 30-40 minutes). I recommend watching the sunrise here. The beach is guarded, there are several restaurants, bars, shops and easily accessible parking. There is no need to complain about the public transport either, because you can get to the beach in really many ways. From bicycles to buses and electric trains. Highly recommended.
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Cala d’es Ratjoli – a hidden cove on the pine coast of the Costa de los Pinos.

This beach is not such a simple point on the Mallorca map at all. Firstly, most people use google maps, and we all know that although these are great maps, they can fail. The Costa de los Pinos area is a mass of hidden, rocky, pebbled but also sandy coves that often don’t even have names. The beach whose name you see in the title above the paragraph I discovered by accident. And I am very happy with this discovery, because it is one of the bays that are unique. The beach is rocky, and the water is already sand. There are many large boulders in the water, which give the atmosphere of this place. On the left is a tiny harbour where many ships dock. The views from the beach are of the south-east coast of the island and the mass of boats. This water is crystal clear. The beach is unguarded, there are no toilets and the nearest restaurant and shop is a few kilometres away. I highly recommend this place!
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Cala Morlanda – the best beaches on Majorca.

Cala Morlanda is one of the most beautiful bays on Mallorca. I really like going back there. The beach is rocky, in my opinion the bay is not suitable for children, especially when there are bigger waves. However, there are still a lot of them here. On the left side of the bay there is the famous cliff jumping point “geronimo”. While swimming in the bay, you can admire the various stunts of the jumpers. On the right side of the bay there is a very nice rock formation where youngsters love to sit. There are not many stones in the water, and you can feel the sand under your feet. The beach is not guarded and there is no bus service. The water is a beautiful colour and it is also a great place for diving and watching fish.

Cala Varques and arco natural – a wild cove on Mallorca.

Cala Varques is famous for the fact that until a few years ago cows grazed there. The owner of the cows would let them out on the beach and tourists would take photos with them and feed them. After a few years of a strange diet, the owner stopped letting them out. To get to Cala Varques, you have to park your car at the exit (on the map this is shown as Cala Varques car park) and then walk for about 40 minutes. Illegal bars are usually spread out on the beach – but sometimes the police take matters into their own hands, so I recommend taking plenty of water and food with you to the beach. The water here is crystal clear, the beach is rocky and sandy, unguarded. In summer there are lots of yachts, boats and catamarans here. On the left side of the beach there are very high cliffs from which many people jump. If you walk on the left side for 15 minutes, you will reach the famous natural arch – arco natural, which attracts lovers of cliff jumping. It is very high up there.
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Cala Deia – the best beaches on Majorca.

Cala Deia is a bit of a tough nut to crack. Firstly, you can’t get there by bus, and secondly, if the weather is poor, the beach experience will be poor too. On a windy day the waves are so big that you are afraid to go into the water. But on a sunny day this place is beautiful. The bay is hidden between high cliffs. There are two restaurants on the beach. On the right side of the beach there is a huge boulder, from which daredevils jump into the water. The water is crystal clear and the beach is rocky. An ideal place for diving with a mask. Many people paddleboard here. Boats and ships often come here. I highly recommend this place.
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Cala Banyalbufar – an unusual bay in Mallorca.

Cala Banyalbufar, like Cala Deia – have an unusual access to the beach. You cannot get here by bus. You have to go downhill for quite a long time on foot, and back uphill again. The beach is rocky, in the water too. The beach is surrounded by very high cliffs and there is a mini waterfall. It is a great place for diving with a mask. This is one of the bays in Mallorca that is very different from others in appearance and therefore I highly recommend it. A similar place to recommend is Cala Estellencs.
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Playa Formentor, Cala Figuera – beaches worth visiting on your way to Formentor.

Playa Formentor is a beautiful, long but not very wide beach at the foot of the famous Serra de Tramuntana mountains. The beach is sandy, the views are of medium-sized cliffs, pine trees and lots of yachts and boats. You can indulge in many water sports here, and there is paid parking, hotels and bars by the beach. The water is shallow and crystal clear, I highly recommend this place, if only because this is where some of the clearest waters on Mallorca are. Another bay worth recommending on the way to Formentor is Cala Figuera. It can be reached on foot. The bay is hidden among cliffs and the beach is rocky. What attracts people here are the wild goats that stroll on the beach. Apart from that, yacht owners also like to enjoy the view. There are a lot of them here in the summer!
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Cala Marmols – the best beaches on Majorca.

Bay Cala Marmols is another wilderness. To get to Cala Marmols bay you need to park your car at the Cap de Ses Salines lighthouse and then head left. The hike will take about 40minutes. However, the bay is worth it, because, as it happens in bays, it is hidden between beautiful, white, vegetated cliffs. The water here is crystal clear. There is also a cave and places where you can jump into the water. The beach is sandy, access is not difficult. There are no shops, bars, toilets or showers. I recommend that you stock up on food and drink (lots of drink).
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However, if you don’t feel like marching for 40 minutes, from Cap de Ses Salines walk just 15 minutes to the right and you will reach the pristine nudist beach of Platja Es Caragol. The beach is medium sized, sandy, the water crystal clear and we have views of yachts and boats. There is a small fisherman’s house on the left and behind the beach there are natural areas.
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Cala Pi – the best beaches on Majorca.

Cala Pi is one of the most beautiful beaches on Majorca I have seen. There are two famous viewpoints here, where people queue for photos. The beach is long but not very wide. However, it is sandy and the water is mega shallow, which also makes it crystal clear. On the right side of the beach there are a few fishing houses with mini harbours/boat ramps, where people also lay out their towels. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs, lush with vegetation and many people choose to walk along the cliffs. There is a ravine deep into the beach and in the rocks you can see the remains of ancient settlements.
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Cales de Mallorca and surroundings – the best beaches in Mallorca.

Here I would actually like to recommend a few bays that are not far from each other. Due to the fact that I don’t want to put too much text here, I will leave you with pictures of the bays – the pictures are captioned. I recommend: Cala Romantica, Cala Mendia and Cala Anguila, Cala Domingos and Cala Domingos Petits. All these beaches are somewhat similar to each other. Low cliffs, sand, crystal clear water. They are all guarded and there are bars on or behind the beaches. These are areas often chosen by Poles, so they are worth mentioning!
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Parc Natural de Mondrago – the best beaches on Mallorca.

Here the Playa de S’amarador and Cala Mondrago are worth a look. My favourite is the former, as it is slightly larger and the views are much better. Both these beaches, as well as many others, are located in the Mondrago natural park. I highly recommend this place in summer, when a lot of yachts come to the natural park. There are lots of viewpoints, places to jump into the water, bars and parking. The beaches are guarded. There are toilets and showers. There are also remains of ancient settlements – everything is described with signs on the trails. Access is only possible by car.
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Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombards – the best beaches on Mallorca.

As both these bays are located right next to each other, I decided to describe them together. Cala Llombards is one of the most famous bays on Mallorca. The water here has a beautiful colour, and what makes this beach stand out are the famous fishing houses on the left side of the beach. Here you can also jump from the low cliffs into the water. There are water ladders installed in the rocks. The beach is sandy and there is a bar. There is a car park just behind the beach. The same is true of Cala Santanyi. There is a car park and bar behind the beach and there are several hotels here. The beach is sandy and there is a small cove on the right with fishing houses. The views are beautiful and there are pine trees just off the beach.

Calo des Moro and Cala S’almonia – the best beaches on Mallorca.

These places need no introduction, as practically everyone knows them. They are typical picture-postcard bays. Getting to both bays takes about 15 minutes, because you have to park your car in a public car park. Parking under the bays risks a fine and having your car towed away – which is not the case for the local residents. Both beaches are rocky. Calo des Moro is a very small bay, with a difficult descent. However, it is very picturesque. Cala S’almonia, on the other hand, has a tiny sand beach on its right side, surrounded by sharp rocks, and on its left side there is a small fishing port with houses and one of the most famous places to jump from the cliffs into the water. Recommended!
Calo des Moro:
Cala S’almonia:

Cala na Clara – the best beaches on Majorca.

Cala na Clara is one of the beaches that is my favorite. It is actually a bay. You can only get there by car, and then you walk about 15 minutes. The descent is not the easiest, but it is not particularly difficult either. I recommend comfortable shoes here. It is also worth taking something to eat and drink with you. The beach is rocky, but there is sand in the water. The water here is crystal clear and the views are fabulous. Another place where you can see a lot of yachts on the water. I highly recommend this place.
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Cala Torta, Mitjana and Estreta.

Bay Cala Torta is my favourite of the three beaches mentioned above. The water is crystal clear, the beach quite large and sandy. There is a bar on the beach and it is guarded. There is not much to write here – it is definitely worth it. In second place is Cala Estreta – a small, rocky cove. The water has a beautiful colour and it is very intimate here. On the last place of the three is Cala Mitjana – a nudist beach, similar to Bay Cala Torta, but every time I came here, there was a lot of algae – impossible to pass. I leave you with photos and links!

Sa Font de Sa Cala bay.

A lovely little cove, with a beach bar and hotels behind. Well accessible by bus, there is also space to park your car. The beach is sandy, there is a small concrete bay to the left of the beach. I highly recommend this place as it is very scenic. Great place for paddleboarding.
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Cala Gat – another lovely cove.

Cala Gat is another bay with a sandy beach. On its left side there is a large fishermen’s house. On the right there are caves and behind the beach there is a promenade which leads to Cala Ratjada, where there is a beautiful harbour and lots of restaurants. The beach is medium sized, but I highly recommend it because the views are great!
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Cala Agulla – Mallorca’s best beaches.

Cala Agulla is one of paradise’s beaches. It is long, the views are jaw-dropping and the colour of the water is magic. Behind the back are natural zones. The beach is guarded, there is parking, and access by bus and train. There are also bars on the beach and you can hire water sports equipment. The beach is ideal.
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Cala Mesquida – an extraordinary beach on Majorca.

This beach is definitely different from the rest. First of all, the approach to the beach is already stunning. Secondly, the beach is one of the wider and generally bigger ones I have seen on the island and thirdly, going to the beach we have the possibility to see it from above. Behind the beach there are protected natural areas. There is a possibility to buy a horse riding tour here. The beach is sandy, the water is clean. The place is guarded, there is parking, toilets and a bar. I recommend!
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The beaches and bays on Mallorca can definitely knock you off your feet.

I hope I have given you some idea about the most beautiful and best beaches in Mallorca. Admittedly, there are many more and I could write the names of the beaches much longer, but visiting all the beaches listed above is hard to do anyway. Below I have put a map of all the beaches I have described in this post. I hope you will find it useful. I guarantee you that if you visit any of these beaches during nice weather, you will be satisfied. Enjoy your visit!

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