The most beautiful towns in Majorca.

The most beautiful towns in Majorca in my opinion are Deia and Fornalutx. Both towns are very small, situated in the mountains. They have a beautiful landscape and wonderful qualities that catch the eye. If I had to recommend just one, I would definitely choose Deia. I am in love with this place up to my ears.

In this post, I will describe and show you the most beautiful towns in Majorca, which I think are worth visiting while on the island. I have been living on Mallorca since 2018, and I have been there regularly since 2015 – my first holiday. I fell in love with the island already back then and started thinking of ways to move there. Even then I started to get interested in its history, culture, traditions and places. So let’s get to the topic!

Deia – a town located in the west of Majorca.

I have already written posts about most of the towns, also you will get links redirecting to them at the end of each paragraph. Deia is my favorite town due to the fact that it is set in a very picturesque landscape. Citrus trees, a stream, beautiful mighty mountains. Plus beautiful stone, beautiful houses. Very nicely decorated houses and restaurants. Well-kept streets and lots of flowers. There is somewhere to eat, somewhere to relax, something to look at. It is a town definitely worth recommending, that is why it lands on the first place on my list. In addition, there is also the bay of Cala Deia, so you are close to the sea, another plus.
Here is a link to a post in which I describe the town of Deia and the Cala Deia bay:

Fornalutx – the most beautiful towns of Majorca.

Fornalutx is officially one of the most beautiful towns in all of Spain. The town is very small, also located in the mountains. It is very picturesque. It has a well-preserved historical value and that is what it is famous for. There are a lot of restaurants, which attract attention from afar – both in appearance and smell. What else characterizes this town is definitely a lot of stairs. To go through the whole town, you have to walk uphill quite a bit. However, I guarantee that it is worth it. There is a unique holiday celebrated here, the so-called “Davallada del Bou”. The inhabitants of Fornalutx dressed in festive costumes lead the bull through the entire town. I explain the essence of this holiday in the post “events on Mallorca”, where I described all the holidays that are celebrated on the island.
Here is a link to my instagram account, in which I show the town of Fornalutx:

Valldemossa – a romantic town on Majorca.

Valldemossa is definitely one of the more popular towns on the island. Many people find it very romantic. Others know it for the fact that Frederic Chopin, the famous composer and pianist, once lived there. Here you can visit his cell, which is now turned into a museum. Valldemossa is another very picturesque town. I highly recommend visiting it, especially since it’s not too big and it’s right next to others such as Deia or Soller. In Valldemossa, I highly recommend to just take a walk. Stop in the beautiful streets, decorated with plants. Have a coffee and a cake in one of the many cafes. Get to the viewpoint and take lots of photos. You can read much more about Valldemossa in my post about its history:

Soller and Puerto de Soller – the orange towns of Majorca.

Why orange? It’s because this is where the tastiest oranges grow in the whole of Mallorca. More than 100 years ago, because of the troublesome transport of oranges to the capital of the island, an orange train was created here. Its route extends from the capital – Palma, to the town of Soller. The route of the train is very scenic, because during it, you can admire citrus orchards, mountains and valleys. The train is an antique wooden train! It is a very good idea for a round trip. The cost of a ticket is around 30 euros.

The town of Soller, on the other hand, is very charming; during the hottest months, colorful umbrellas are hung up in the town center and everyone hunts for a photo of the train with the cathedral in the background. There are also plenty of cafés and charming corners. You can read more about this place in the post linked below. I also recommend going to the nearby beach, to the town of Puerto de Soller, where you will see a beautiful harbor, a wide beach, lots of palm trees and have a delicious lunch in one of the restaurants along the promenade. Link to post here:

Banyalbufar and Cala Banyalbufar – can you find the best wineries in Mallorca?

Banyalbufar is another town situated in the west of the island. Another very small town, built in the mountains, with a beautiful view of the sea. There are several viewpoints here and, most importantly, grape growing. Legend has it that one of the kings wanted to invade Majorca precisely because of the local wine. It was made from a certain type of grape grown on Mallorca, the Banyalbufar, but you can read more about this in the post which, as usual, will be linked below. What characterizes this village, apart from its beautiful architecture and historical value, is an unusual bay – Cala Banyalbufar. The bay is rocky, there are steps leading up to it, and a tiny waterfall flows over the bay. It is a bay that is ideal for diving with a mask. Where there are rocks, there are lots of fish and various interesting creatures.
Link to the post about Banyalbufar:
Link to the post about Cala Banyalbufar Bay:

Pollensa – a town full of history on Majorca.

The town became famous, among other things, because artists visited it and made it famous in their works, poems and books. What makes this town so special is its proximity to the beautiful harbour town of Puerto de Pollensa and the famous stairway to Calvari. The town has a lot of tradition and history. However, to go into the history of this place, I would have to devote a separate post to that. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that this Majorcan town, situated in the north west of the island, is definitely worth a visit.

Palma – the capital of Majorca.

The most beautiful towns in Mallorca couldn’t do without the capital, Palma. I don’t find the capital city as charming as the towns I mentioned above, but it definitely has to be high on the list. What I like most about Palma is definitely the area around la Seu Cathedral. The rest of Palma is definitely tenements, dirt and civilization. I’ve dedicated a rather extensive post to the capital, in which I describe what to visit in Palma in one day. I must also recommend eating ice cream in an Italian ice cream RIVARENO, which is located right next to the cathedral – on its left side. Be sure to try it, you won’t regret it. Visiting this city will definitely take up a large part of your day if you plan to see everything thoroughly. There are a lot of monuments, an interesting castle and charming royal gardens!
Link to post about the capital here:

Santanyi – a very charming town in the south of Majorca.

What’s great about Santanya is the proximity of this town to beautiful beaches and bays. While in Mallorca, it is highly likely that you will be in the Santanyi area. Precisely on one of the nearby bays. If so, be sure to hop over to this town. It is very charming. It is bigger than those I described above, but it still looks more like a pueblo than a ciudad (pueblo – a town, you could even say a village, and ciudad – a city). And this is beautiful in it. There are lots of festivals, fairs, markets, shows and exhibitions in the town. It is a very artistic place. The streets here are very charming and there are lots of cafes and restaurants. In the evening it looks wonderful. The mainstream of this town is of course art. And you can see it at every step. There are lots of galleries and workshops, and the place itself attracts the attention of many international artists.

Alcudia – the most beautiful towns on Majorca.

Alcudia is a very popular holiday destination among Poles. There is a beautiful port, a very nice beach – the longest on Mallorca. It is here a lot of attractions, a short distance to the top attractions on Mallorca, which are, inter alia, Cape Formentor and beautiful Playa de Muro beach with the famous footbridge. However, Alcudia is also a beautiful old town, surrounded by a wall. In my opinion, it is most charming in the evening, when everything is beautifully illuminated. As Alcudia is a town open to the sea, it was an easy prey for various attacks. It is one of the oldest towns on Majorca, and the walls there were built for a reason. There are many ruins and historical attractions in this area. The town is recommended both for sightseeing and holidays.
Here is a link to a post about Alcudia, where you can read much more:

Arta – a very well-preserved Majorcan town.

I put the town of Arta on the list because of its historical value. It is not a very touristic town, although it definitely attracts history and culture lovers. The main attractions of this town are the church “Transfiguracio del Senyor” and the sanctuary “Santuari de Sant Salvador”. The surroundings of Arta, as well as Arta itself, are famous for pottery and basket weaving (nowadays, for example, you can buy wicker baskets in shops). I recommend a walk to the Sanctuary, which is accessible by 180 steps. The Sanctuary gardens are also a very pleasant place, ideal for relaxation. The view from the Sanctuary overlooks the whole city.

The most beautiful towns in Mallorca – what else to see on the island.

Of course, apart from the above-mentioned towns, there will be other towns worthy of attention. However, in my opinion, it is the ones I have mentioned that deserve more attention. You can also add to this list: Felantix, Son Servera, Montuiri, Inca, Marratxi or Alaro and many others. I hope I have helped you at least a little in your choice, and if you are interested in other places in Mallorca that I recommend, I invite you to browse my blog!

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