Winter on Majorca – what to do?

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Majorca attracts a lot of tourists in the season, then buzzes with life. Tourists, however, they come here mostly in the summer. Over time, Spaniards have learned that it is not worth having an open business throughout the whole year. At the moment, at the end of the season in Majorca, hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions, amusement parks and others are being closed. On the promenades, where the summer is infested with people, at the moment there are emptiness. However, there are people who visit Majorca also in the winter. They are attracted here by very low flight prices. And the weather is still better than in Poland or England. The views are still beautiful, the air is still clean and the water is still crystal clear.

Winter on Majorca – what is it like?

Majorca is a beautiful island, but you have to admit that the weather here is very diverse. It happens that in July hail falls, and in October Majorca is flooded. During the hot day it can suddenly start to rain, you run away from the beach, but before you curl up with your things, the sun goes out again and you can sunbathe. In May it can rain and be windy, and in the other hand can be hot. It is VERY hard to comment on temperatures. Therefore, I heartily recommend checking the weather just before departure. Of course, we suggest the dates for the weather. HOWEVER, it can change radically.

Therefore, it’s best to use Google search engine before you go.

We enter the name of the town we go to in the search engine, and add EL TIEMPO next to it – which means weather in Spanish. The weather written on the websites of travel agencies or in the Google search engine is not as accurate as the Spanish one. I recommend this way, to avoid stress. Summer temperatures range between 25-30 degrees and up! In addition, a small tip! If the weather plays pranks in your town, this is not necessarily the case on the whole island. Check the weather, get in the car and go where the sun shines!

Is the temperature of the sea suitable for bathing during winter on Majorca?

If you’re winter swimming, than You can definitely go for it! You are already hardened! Of course, I am joking, there are people who, despite the fact that the sea is cold, they enter anyway. Honestly, I think that it is possible to bathe in the sea in the winter. However, these are not the same experiences as in the summer. The temperature is much lower. A stronger wind is blowing. Air humidity sometimes reaches 90% and above. There are plenty of algae on the beach, and the beaches are much smaller (by frequent rains and winds the sea “eats” the beach). There are also no rescuers, there are jellyfish, sea urchins, and sometimes octopus, which usually hide in the depths.

Due to the high humidity, the sand on the beach is much colder.

Lying or sitting on the sand or blanket can treat cystitis or a cold. It is definitely worth taking a sunbed with you. Immediately I warn you that renting sun loungers is not possible, they take them at the end of the season. Same as umbrellas! I’m not sure if on all beaches but on most of them. It is worth to buy some on the spot, or ask about it in the hotel where you will stay. The winter weather definitely favors surfers, there are many more of them here than in the summer.

Winter on Majorca – definitely worth to come!

First of all, the big plus is that there are a lot less people here. So about 90% less than in the summer, haha. Sometimes the weather can really add up! Sometimes, the sun shines non-stop for several weeks. The second thing is that if it rains in one place on Mallorca, it is not necessarily the same on the whole island. We get in the car and go sightseeing where the sun shines! A lot of photo sessions on the beach take place in winter, because the famous locations are then deserted, and the sun is still shining. So if there is someone here who loves photography, winter is perfect for magical shots.

All historical attractions – castles, cathedrals, museums and factories are still open.

Some of you certainly did not think that in the winter, thanks to the fact that there are practically no tourists, the guides in castles, cathedrals, museums will devote much more attention to you. People are less nervous, they are relaxed. They have a lot less work, which is certainly more bored with the winter routine. Each guest gives them the opportunity to fill their time. They will certainly be more “interesting” in their stories. And they will answer all questions that bother you. Maybe it’s not just a party island like the summer, but it’s still many spots to eat and where to dance. You just need to look deeper.

Majorca on winter is full of attractions that can be visited!

Caves, for example! Majorca has several of them and they are all interesting and worth visiting. Personally, I was only in Cuevas del Drach and the caves are impressive. A concert is also waiting for you. It is organized there because of the great acoustics of the cave. And finally, get on the boat, which you sail to the exit of the beautifully lit rocks. Below is a list of all caves in the form of a map! For most of the attractions I am describing in this post, there will be links with maps that will instruct you how to get there. And in addition, I will also add a photo orientation with a map!

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  • zima na majorce

Link to the map:

1) Cuevas del Drach:

During the tour you can take pictures here only WITHOUT a flash, lights or tripods (camera stand, folded out on three legs). You should also make sure that you do not stop other visitors or you will not be far behind. During the concert you can not take photos or record movies. You should follow the employees of the facility at all times.

Entrance hours:
1 November – 11 March: 10:45, 12:00, 14:00, 15:30
12 March – 31 October: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00
Usually during the high season on 10:00, 16:00 i 17:00 and in weekends in the caves, there is less people.
The caves is closed on 25 of December and 1 of January.
While buying tickets on a website You pay less.
Children age 13 and more are treated as an adults.
Online Adult Price: 15€
Children age from 3 to 12 are treated as a children.
Online children ticket: 8€
Newborns and children age till 2 don’t need to buy tickets.
Price for tickets at tills: adult: 15,50€, child: 8.50€

Link to the website:

2) Coves de Campanet

Caves are open all year round:
– winter: 10:00 – 17:30
– summer: 10:00 – 18:30

Ticket prices:
Adult – 15€
Child  – 8€
(Children age 3 – 12, Adults 13 and more)
Special discount for groups -10%

Link to the website:

3) Coves de Genova

In case of those Caves, I could not find more information.
Opening hours: 10:00 – 17:30

Link to the website:

4) Cuevas de Arta

Opening hours:
April – May – June: 10:00 – 18:00
July – August – September: 10:00 – 19:00
from November till March: 10:00 – 17:00

Ticket prices:
Adult: 15€
Children from 7 to 12: 7€
Children less than 7 don’t need to buy tickets.
Discount for groups: +34 971 841 293

Residents prices (from November till March):
Adults: 10€
Children: 5€

Ship cruise (Coral Ship)
from Font de sa Cala: 12€ (for caves entrance You need to pay separate)
from Cala Ratjada: 15€ (for caves entrance You need to pay separate)

On the webiste You can print a voucher which guarantee You a free gift! You can get a gitft on the tills.

Link to the website:

5) Cuevas dels Hams

From     Till            First entrance          Last entrance
30.10   15.11               10:00                        16:30
16.11   26.03               10:00                        16:00
27.03   30.06               10:00                        16:30
01.07   29.10               10:00                        17:00

25 of December and 1 of January caves are closed.

Link to the website:

Majorca is full of castles.

And Winter on Majorca is really suitable time for sightseeing. Some of them are in remains, while others are still quite well preserved. The views from their walls extend to the entire coasts and archipelagos of the cities. Sometimes, festivals, shows and other attractions take place at the castles. It is definitely worth visiting, even for the sights.

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  • capdepera
  • capdepera
  • capdepera

Link do mapy:

1) Castell de Capdepera

I had the opportunity to be at this castle, that’s why I am sending you to the whole post, full of photos and description about this place:

2) Castell D’alaro

This castle is actually ruins, but it is recommended for people who love hiking in the mountains and forests. The views from the castle are beautiful, and near the castle there is a small restaurant and a guesthouse :)

Link to the website:

3) Castell De Bellver

Last tickets to the castle are sold at the box office 45 minutes before closing. Last entrance to the facility 30 minutes before closing.

April – September:
– closed on Mondays
– Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 19:00
– Sundays and Bank Holidays: 10:00 – 15:00
– closed 25.12, 1.01, 1.05 and on Easter Sunday
– ATTENTION! Opening hours are subject to change by the Palma de Mallorca office, which sometimes organizes concerts and events in the Castle.
– during winter 10:00 – 18:00

– General 4€
– Discount 2€
(pensioners, students, students aged 14-18, holders of a youth card (ID card), public institutions, certified groups)
– Palma de Mallorca citiziens 2,50€
– Tourist Agency 2,50€ (per person)
– Free admission: Sundays, children under the age of 14, school groups with a guide, pensioners in groups and disabled people in groups, ICOM and professional scholars as well as teachers.

Link to the website:

4) Castell de sa Punta de N’amer

Free admission. The castle is located near the coast. It is very small, on the spot there is a small bar with snacks and drinks. A trip to the castle leads through the forest along the coast, the views are worth it! Free admission.

Opening hours:
– July – August: 10:00 – 00:00
– September – June: 10:00 – 18:00

Link to the website:

5) Museo Historico Militar de san Carlos

Opening hours:
– Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00
– closed on Mondays and Bank Holidays

Link to the website:

6) Torre de Canyamel

Opening hours:
– Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 20:00
– Sunday: 10:00 – 15:00

– general 3€
– children less than 12 entering for free

Link to the website:

7) Torre de Ses Puntes

Entrance for free.
Open Tuesday-Friday from 18:00 till 20:00.

Link to the website:

Majorca is also famous for its beautiful gardens, where you can take fabulous pictures.

Many of them are connected with museums and villas that can be visited. In some you can also do wedding sessions. A very recommended place for wedding sessions is Garden de Alfabia. When I visited Raix’s garden, I learned that the wedding session costs 300 euros there. As you can see the gardens must have something in them, since people choose them for photo sessions of this kind. Such photos stay with us for life. Gardens are also an ideal place for families with children. I think it’s worth making children aware of how important nature is in our life and taking care of it. In the gardens there are species of plants that are not found anywhere else in the world. And the entrance costs literally pennies. Definitely worth it!

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  • villa raixa
  • willa raixa
  • willa raixa

Link to the map:

1) Raixa Garden

This garden is not one of the most famous in Majorca. I even think that people do not know about the existence of such beautiful places, which hurts me a lot. You need to look deeply to find interesting places to explore in Majorca. Of course, apart from beaches and bays, which are hard to enjoy in winter. Recently, we went to this beautiful place, which is why I am sending you to the post I wrote about it:

2) Jardines de Alfabia


Opening hours:
– April – October: 9.30 – 18.30 (including bank holidays)
– March: Monday till Friday: 9.30 – 18.30, Saturday: 9.30 – 13.00, closed on Sunday.
– November – February – closed.

– general 7,50€
– groups: price for consultation
– senior club (Majorca) 4.50€
– schools (Majorca) 4,50€
– Balearic Residents 5€
– kids below 5 enter for free

Link to the website:

3) Botanical Garden and Balearic museum of Natural Sciences

Opening hours:
– November – February: Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00
– March – October: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00
– Closed All December and Bank Holidays

– general: 8€
– groups: 6€
– children enter for free (on the website, the age is not specified)

Link to the website:

4) Marivent Garden

Opening hours:
– October – April: 9:00 – 16:30 (closed on Easter)
– May – September: 9:00 – 22:00 (15.07 i 15.09 closed)
Entrance for free.

Link to the website:

5) Botanicactus Garden

Opening hours:
– May – August: 9:00 – 19:30
– September – April: 9:00 – 18:30

– Adult (children 13 and more) – 10,50€
– Children from 6 to 12 – 5€
– Residents 5€

6) Jumaica Garden

Opening hours:
– April – October: 9:00 – 18:00
– November – March: 10:00 – 17:00

– general – 6€
– kids from 4 till 12 – 3€

Link to the website:

Major historic churches and cathedrals can not be missed in winter on Majorca.

They are located on beautiful squares. The markets are regularly opened around them and most people gather there. Markets takes place every day in other cities. You can hunt down really interesting things on them. In addition to clothes, at the fair you can buy antique furniture, figurines, jewellery, spices or natural products! Cathedrals, churches and religious orders are interesting because of their extensive history and beautiful architecture. It is not known since yesterday that religion and power went hand in hand. Therefore, usually people interested in castles usually also land in sightseeing churches. I belong to them myself. I admire the history and courage of people who died for us.

1) Catedral de Mallorca – La Seu

Opening hours:
– Saturday: 9:00 – 19:00
– Sunday and Bank Holidays: 12:00 – 19:00
– Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 19:00

Link to the website:

2) Sant Francesc (Basilica & Cloister)

It is difficult to find accurate information on the opening hours and admission to the Basilica. By entering the website, you can see that tickets are bought privately. Probably the trip is only with a guide.

Link to the website:

In addition to those two, it is also worth visiting: Sant Miquel, Santa Eulalia, Santa Magdalena, La Porciuncula. In addition, the Orders, for example: Ermita de Santa Magdalena, Ermita de Bonany, Ermita de Cura, Ermita de Lluc, Santuari de Monti-Sion, Santuari de Sant Salvador

Natural monuments:

Natural monuments are places that resemble landscape parks. Ses Fonts Ufanes is like a forest with lots of lovely rivers. Torrent de Pareis is more complicated. It arouses great emotions.

1) Monument Natural de Ses Fonts Ufanes

2) Monument Natural del Torrent de Pareis (link to the post about Sa Calobra i Torrent de Pareis: )

Natural National Parks
  • zima na majorce
  • parc natural de mondrago
  • parc natural de mondrago
  • parc natural de mondrago
  • parc natural de mondrago
  • parc natural de mondrago

Link to the map:

1) Mondrago

2) Cabrera

3) Serra de Tramuntana

4) s’Albufera de Mallorca

5) Dragonera

6) Llevant

Majorca has several sea reserves.

1) Palma Bay (Cala Blava, Santa Marta, Maioris, Son Veri)

2) Migjorn (Cala Figuera, Colonia de Sant Jordi, Marques de Palmer, s’Estanyol)

3) Illa del Toro

4) Illes Malgrats

5) Llevant

6) Cala Ratjada

The entire area is protected. Marine reserves are besieged in the summer, due to the fact that they are created by beaches and bays. These places are beautiful. Like from postcards, films, posters from travel agencies. Dreamed. Crystal clear water, palm trees, rocks, beaches, bays, cliffs and everything your heart desires. It is worth visiting these places also in winter, due to the lack of crowds. Then you can definitely enjoy the views. And the pictures are made without the masters of the second plan. :)

During the winter on Majorca, the holidays are also loved by Spaniards, such as the Fiestas de San Antoni and San Sebastiàn.

Both are very pompously celebrated. As you probably heard or know, the Spaniards love to drink, dance, celebrate. That is why Spain has plenty of fiestas throughout the year. I did not participate in any of them, but all this will change soon, because on January 17, there will be …

Fiesta de Sant Antoni!

This holiday is celebrated in several cities throughout Majorca. However, the city of Sa Pobla celebrates them the most. The holiday begins with Spaniards looking for wood for fires, which are burned throughout the day on city streets. People dress up as demons. They wear red clothes, paint faces and play ximbombades. In Arta (another city in Majorca) celebrate the day before – January 16.

In the morning, the Spaniards eat chocolate and ensaimadas.

During the day, the musicians, surrounded by people dressed as devils, witches and demons, dance and sing together. And in the evening, fragments of “la vida del Santo” are read – that is, the life of the saint and “Lo Elogi” is sung. In Pollenca, the holiday is practically the same, with one difference. In the evening, the Spaniards climb a 20 meter long pale. This holiday is also celebrated in Capdepera, Manacor, Muro and Alaro.

Link to the website:

Another holiday is the Fiesta de San Sebastian!

Celebrated 19 and 20 January. This is a kind of continuation of Sant Antoni. However, it is organized by the office in Palma (Palma de Mallorca). And that’s where the celebration takes place. The bonfires are roasted, accompanied by demons and musicians. During this period, a lot of concerts are organized in Majorca. It is worth going to the famous cathedral in Palma. It is illuminated by huge fireplaces.

Link to the website:

Winter on Majorca – As for other attractions…

Horse riding is also one of the year-round attractions. It is the more attractive in winter, when there are fewer tourists in Majorca and riding in the area is much more enjoyable thanks to it! Prices for two hours of riding in the area cost about 20 €. In the winter, there are quite a few cyclists and mountaineering enthusiasts here. There are a lot of mountain trails in Majorca, but about that … in another post. In winter, Almendras blooms in Majorca. The streets are beautiful, and it smells beautiful. Almendras, means almonds in Spanish.

For many people, the big shock is that in Majorca, Christmas is also celebrated.

Or the fact that here the streets are also lit by lamps. It is true that we do not have snow, but we have the mood! All stores in larger cities have Christmas trees, Christmas songs are played in the speakers, and the shelves are full of Christmas decorations and accessories. Especially in the so-called Chinos – shops run by Chinese. Even Christmas fairs with mulled wine and bread with lard are organized! :) The capital – Palma de Mallorca is of course the most beautifully decorated. It is worth going there in the evening, when all the lamps add a festive charm to the streets.

Christmas fairs in 2018:

1) Plaza Mayor (21.11 – 6.01)
2) Puerto Portals (20.12 – 6.01)
3) Pueblo Espanol (5-9.12)
4) Alaro (15-16.12)

Answering the question…

Yes, Winter on Majorc is worth it! There is so much to see, there is many places to eat and there is some places to dance. However, not everywhere. I definitely recommend coming here to people who plan to rent a car (as I mentioned above). Then you will not be bored!

Some of the pictures was taken from the official websites of mentioned attractions.