Arta Caves, Mallorca

Ahead of you is a post about the Cuevas de Arta caves. I told you a long time ago that I am planning a mini series on the blog about caves in Majorca. I invite you to visit these interesting caves with me. Previously, I wrote to you about Cuevas del Drach (here the link to the post from the dragon caves: You ask me which one is better to go to. I hope that you will find the answer yourself, because it is still difficult for me to decide myself.

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Arta Caves – basic information.

I must add that summer and winter sightseeing is different. In the summer, there are many more tourists in the caves, which is also associated with the fact that the guides do not have enough time to answer bothering questions or show you the beauty of the caves 100%. I would definitely recommend you to visit the caves in the winter. In winter, tourists are much less, so sightseeing is much more pleasant. Temperatures in the caves persist at around 18 degrees (Arta) and 20 degrees (Drach) throughout the year. Inside, I recommend dressing in spring. Long pants, light sweatshirt.

Arta Caves – opening hours and prices.

In April, May, June and October we will enter the caves from 10:00 to 18:00.
In July, August and September from 10:00 to 19:00
From November to March from 10:00 to 17:00
Entrance to the caves costs 15 euros per adult. Children up to 7 years old enter for free, and children between 7 and 12 years old will enter for 7 euros.
The caves can be reached by bus 411, 472.
You can also go to the caves by boat. The boat trip takes place via the Jungle Boat. The price for sailing from Sa Font de Sa Cala is 13 euros. And from Cala Ratjada 18 euros. Entrance to the caves must be purchased separately.

Arta Caves or Dragon Caves?

The tour lasts about 40 minutes and you enter the caves in groups, together with a guide. Entrance to the caves takes place every 30 minutes on average. The guides speak English, German, Spanish and French. Inside you will find attractions such as a light show with classical music in the Infierno hall (hell). It makes a nice impression, especially if you have a wild imagination. During the show in columns I saw faces. I wonder if you see them too? I will insert a picture below.

twarze cuevas de arta
Faces in Arta Caves.
Is it worth to visit Arta Caves?

Another attraction is la Reina de las columnas (queen of columns). This is the highest of stalagmites. It is 22 meters high, and during the trip we learned from a guide that five thousand years are still needed to join the cave ceiling. The caves also have many other themed rooms. In each we will find something characteristic for her. For example, a theater room and its organs.

Arta Caves – curiosities.

On the way we also pass an elephant, lion or inverted sheep. I was impressed by the very thin slabs on the ceiling of the cave. Nature can create miracles. From the trip I still remembered empty columns. Each of them produces a different sound. Another interesting information is that the caves are the only ones where in the old days torches were used to illuminate them. For this reason, the cave ceiling is blackened. You can find the entire report from my column concert and a tour of Cuevas de Arta on my instagram (here the link to the instagram:

What to visit around Arta Caves?

After leaving Cuevas de Arta we can admire the beautiful view of the sea. A characteristic place for these caves are huge stairs. Entering it we can admire the caves from the height. It definitely gives a taste of what we will see inside. There is also a free car park and a bar in front of the caves. The road leading to the cave is surrounded at the beginning by beautiful villas on a hill, and then ends with a slightly winding road by the huge cliffs. It makes a huge impression. And in summer and winter. What is worth visiting in the area? Certainly the beach in Canyamel, Costa de los Pinos with a viewpoint. It is also worth going to the cities of Sa Font de Sa Cala, Cala Ratjada and Son Moll or to the beach of Cala Agulla or Cala Mesquida. If you don’t have many sights to visit, then you definitely have to look at Castell de Capdepera !

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I heartily recommend you to go to Cuevas de Arta, and if not to the caves themselves, definitely drive up to them. For beautiful views. You’ll like it! I invite you to the rest of my social media, where I regularly add posts and it is from them that you will learn the most about life in Majorca. Facebook: