Botanicactus – cactus garden on Majorca

Recently, we went to the town of Ses Salines on Mallorca to visit the Botanicactus garden. As the name suggests, most cactus species can be admired there, but not only! In the post you will find out if it is worth going there and what the prices are. We, unfortunately, went to Botanicactus in the middle of the day in August. Which is not a good idea because of the high temperatures. If you are fans of taking pictures, we also recommend other hours (e.g. golden hours). You will get better light.

Botanicactus – opening hours and prices.

Let’s start with the details. The Botanicactus garden is a private area, covering 150,000 square meters. The garden was created in 1989 and survived one flood. In the gardens you will find tropical species, cactus species even from Arizona and many species of plants typical of Majorca. The garden is open every day from 9am to 6:30 pm, excluding Sunday when the garden is open an hour longer, until 7:30 pm. Residents do not have any discounts on entering the garden. The entry price is 10 euros for an adult and 5 euros for a child. At the entrance we get a map of the garden and a brochure with information. The gardens have a large, free car park.

Botanicactus – what else do they have to offer?

Unfortunately not much. There were a maximum of ten people outside of us in the high season. We take into account that it was the middle of the day, so people prefer to sunbathe or eat at this time. I suspect, however, that due to its remote location and not much advertising, Botanicactus does not have many guests. There are toilets on site and you can buy a drink and a snack at the checkout. It ends, however, on some chips. To eat something decent, go to the city.

Here I warmly recommend the Cassai restaurant in Ses Salines.

You will not be disappointed. And if you would like to learn more about this restaurant, I invite you to my instagram. You will find coverage from this place in the distinguished accounts under the words “restaurants”. You will also find there, of course, a report from the Botanicactus garden. Link here:

Botanicactus – what You can do nearby

The gardens can be reached by bus. However, it definitely depends on where you stay. The best access to the garden is from the town of Santanyi. To get to Santanyi, you usually need to drive a good few hours on the bus, with a few changes. That is why I strongly recommend renting a car and going to this area by car. Near Botanicactus there are beaches such as the beautiful Calo des Moro ( Cala S’almunia (, or even the beautiful seven-kilometer Es Trenc beach. For those who like long hiking trips I would also recommend Playa Es Caragol (nudist beach) and the wonderful Cala Marmols. However, both beaches should be reached on foot. You can’t get there by car.

Do We recommend Botanicactus?

I think so. The garden itself is really well-kept. They have a well-developed irrigation system. All plants are well cared for. Some cacti are really impressive, impressive even by their size. The garden also has a pond with lots of frogs. On the pond there is an island on which various species of birds settled. I think Botanicactus is a good place for families with children. The grounds are really big. A slow tour will definitely take about 2 hours. The garden has its own unique atmosphere. However, is Botanicactus a must when visiting Majorca? Definitely not. If you have a busy schedule and want to see as much as possible, then in your place I would give up this place.