Cala Beltran in Mallorca

Cala Beltran in Mallorca this is one of the smallest bays that the beautiful island of Majorca offers. The bay is located right next to the famous bay of Cala Pi. Cala Beltran can not be reached by car, bike or bus. To get there, you have to walk over the cliffs or take a boat. Remember to bring comfortable shoes, snacks and water, because there are no stores or restaurants in the area. The tour is not suitable for smaller children, in which case I recommend making a stop at the beautiful Cala Pi.

To get to Cala Beltran, you have to cross the Cala Pi beach and climb the cliffs. Don’t worry, the route is not that demanding, and Beltran bay itself is just a little over a kilometer from Cala Pi itself. The route leads through the cliffs, a rugged area with some pine trees and typical Mallorcan vegetation. It is best to take the route close to the sea, so we can see the small bay of Cala Beltran in all its glory.

What to do in and around Cala Beltran in Mallorca?

What draws you to this bay is definitely its appearance. The bay resembles a winding river, and the beach itself is less than 20 meters wide. It is also rocky, so I highly recommend taking your shoes with you for the rocks. It is a perfect place to dive with a mask, enjoy the nature and wild side of Mallorca. The place is not very crowded, but often small boats come here. The water here is very impressive, crystal clear and has a beautiful turquoise color.

Be warned that there may be algae near the shore – not everyone likes them, but they are an important part of the ecosystem. I don’t recommend fooling around too much here or making risky decisions while jumping from the cliffs into the water, because it’s very hard to get help here due to the location. Cala Beltran is a great place for people who are looking for adventure and don’t like to sit still during their vacations, but explore and discover new places.

What’s it like? Did any of you manage to reach Cala Beltran in Mallorca? What are your impressions? Be sure to share them in the comments!

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