Cala Egos in Mallorca

Cala Egos in Mallorca is a medium sized cove located in the Santanyi region, more precisely in the vicinity of Cala d’Or, one of the most popular holiday destinations on Mallorca. I highly recommend to visit this place, because despite the fact that the beach is not the biggest, the most charming effect on me is caused by characteristic for Cala d’Or cliff passages. It is a very nice treatment, which is visible in the entire region of Santanyi. It is a very nice treatment that can be seen throughout the Santanya region, with paths through the cliffs that make some of the passages much easier, plus it has an island effect.

At the Cala Egos bay there are two hotels. In my opinion, it disturbs the look of this place, because hotels are typical moloches, which only spoil the landscape. However, we are in one of the most touristic places on the island, so you can not complain about it. While in this beautiful place, be sure to walk along the cliffs and enjoy the view of Cala Egos from exactly every side. This place is beautiful even in rainy weather. The color of the water here is something amazing.

What to do in and around Cala Egos in Mallorca?

As Cala Egos in Mallorca is located in Cala d’Or it’s highly recommended to visit other bays, especially Cala Petita, Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda and port Cala d’Or, or nearby Porto Petro. If you go a bit further you can visit such places as the beautiful natural park Mondrago, Cala Figuera, Calo des Moro or the beautiful town of Santanyi.

The truth is that the area around Cala Egos is one of the most picturesque in Mallorca. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, great bars and local stores. I would definitely recommend renting a car here, so that you can get to all the wonderful places around here without any problems.

Have any of you been to Cala Egos? What are your impressions about this place? I am delighted, however I would love to read your opinions in the comments!

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