Castillo de Sa Punta de N’amer on Majorca.

If during your stay in Majorca, you are staying in Cala Millor, Sa Coma or S’illot, or Cala Morlanda, then I definitely recommend you visit the Castillo de Sa Punta de N’amer! It is a very small castle, located at the very coast. The castle is situated in an area of about 200 hectares with a high natural, cultural and historical value.

Castillo de Sa Punta de N’amer is located between Cala Millor and Sa Coma.

You can get to him from these two places. One entrance is at the end of the Sa Coma beach and the second entrance starts at Cala Millor beach – here you can choose two options! One: entrance to the natural area straight from the beach and Druga: entrance through the park – on the street Castell (Carrer Castell, Cala Millor).

I definitely recommend choosing the main entrance – in Sa Coma.

There is also Rancho Sa Coma, so you are accompanied by horses grazing in the meadows. On the way we pass beautiful views of the sea and cliffs. The route leads through the forest and fields. You can also get to the castle on horseback. When we last asked the owner about the price – he was talking about 15 euros for two hours off-road. However, this price may change. I recommend this route because of its charms! It is easy to overcome and in places there will also be a shadow, for which you can really miss summer.

Castillo de Sa Punta de Amer is a fortified tower.

The tower is a cubic building surrounded by a moat and built of sandstone. It was built at the end of the 17th century. A stone spiral staircase leads to the upper part. The castle itself does not make the biggest impression. However, it is the perfect place for a quiet, family walk! And on site there is a restaurant with great views!

The restaurant and the castle are open all year!

Entrance to the castle is free. The restaurant can not be paid by card. That’s why I recommend taking cash with me! There is no playground for children on the site. The only attraction is the castle and possibly animals – ponies and parrots. Opening hours:
  – July – August: 10:00 – 00:00
  – September – June: 10:00 – 18:00

I also recommend walking along the coast – not the middle trail.

The views on the coast are much more interesting and you can see interesting places along the way. Such as a sand cave or cut rock layouts! The second route can be easily returned. Along the way, we meet horses, runners and cyclists. I recommend putting on comfortable shoes and take a lot of water with you. Link to the castle page:

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