Jardines de Alfabia – the most beautiful gardens in Majorca?

Jardines de Alfabia are beautiful gardens located at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains in Majorca. Which should already make you understand that the views are beautiful! To get to the gardens, go towards the town of Soller and turn right before the tunnel. You can also get there by bus, but as it usually happens in Majorca, this involves non-seasonal hours and transfers in public transport.

Jardines de Alfabia – opening hours, prices and information.

The Jardines de Alfabia are located in the town of Bunyola, where you can also visit Villa Raixa, which is equally impressive. The history of the gardens goes back to the Arab era. Gardens were visited by numerous rulers, including Queen Elizabeth II, who visited the gardens in 1860. I’m not good in history, that’s why I decided to send those curious to the official garden site. You’ll get answers to most of your questions.

Opening hours:
1 April till 31 October (monday – friday): 9.30 – 18.30
March: monday – friday 9.30 – 17.30, saturday 9.30 – 13.00, sunday closed
1 November till 28 February – closed
Last entrance 60 minutes before closing time

General 7.50 euro
Mallorca residents 5 euro
Kids under 10 enter for free

What Jardines de Alfabia have to offer?

In addition to the beautiful gardens, the gardens also have a Villa, which is also open to the public. Inside you will find original furniture, used by former residents, paintings and many other decorations. We will be able to admire the views that once admired, among other rulers, Queen Elizabeth II. And they are really wonderful. The Jardines de Alfabia also has a bar with drinks and snacks. It is situated in the heart of the gardens with beautiful views of the pond and the vegetation.

You can also have a wedding party in the gardens. The price list and photos can be found on the official website of the gardens. To be honest, I think I would love to get married there myself. These gardens knocked me down. I am in love with them and I will definitely go back there more than once. If, after visiting the gardens, you get hungry, right next to the gardens, next to the car park there is a nice restaurant.

Are Jardines de Alfabia worth visiting?

Definitely yes. Compared to the Botanicactus garden, Jardines de Alfabia have a lot more to offer. In addition to the views and the villa, there are also goats in the gardens. It will certainly not be a small attraction for children, and besides goats, there will be something else! On the way to the lookout tower, we have the opportunity to go through a beautiful tunnel. Right in front of him is a board on which it is written to press the button and wait 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, water starts to gush in the tunnel. This is not a small attraction for children as well as for adults and an ideal idea for hot days. The gardens have plenty of shade, so you certainly won’t burn alive. However, in Majorca, even in the shade it is sometimes hot.

What to visit around Jardines de Alfabia?

Wow, this list could be really long. Right next to Jardines de Alfabia, there is Villa Raixa, from which I also made post. Liink here:https://vacaymode.com/en/spain/balearic-islands/majorca/villa-raixa-2/ In addition, near the gardens there is the beautiful town of Soller and Puerto de Soller. Link here: https://vacaymode.com/en/spain/balearic-islands/majorca/puerto-de-soller-2/ This is where the famous orange train goes. If you are good drivers, I recommend definitely going to the Wonderful town of Valldemossa and Deia.Link here: https://vacaymode.com/en/spain/balearic-islands/majorca/valldemosa/ It is in these cities that world-class stars are most often, which is also associated with the fact that the prices there are high

If you would like to go to the beach, I recommend Puerto de Soller or Cala Deia (the second option involves serpentine roads among the mountains). However, if you prefer quiet roads, I recommend you just go to Palma and relax on the beach! By going to El Arenal, you will have the opportunity to see palm trees growing on the beach. I also highly recommend to You my instagram, where You can take a look at all of those places which are in saved stories! Link here: https://www.instagram.com/vacaymodecom/ And here, official website of Jardines de Alfabia: https://www.jardinesdealfabia.com/en/