Playa de Portals Nous in Mallorca

Playa de Portals Nous in Mallorca is also known as Platja de S’oratori and is located on the southwest of the island, near the capital Palma. The playa de Portals Nous is a sandy beach with toilets, showers, a service for renting deck chairs, kayaks and other equipment and a lifeguard. What sets this beach apart from the others is the islet Illa d’en Sales, which is located across from the beach and certainly makes for beautiful views. To the right of the beach is the harbor boundary to Portals Nous, which I also recommend you to visit. This is one of the more luxurious ports in Mallorca and you will find a wide selection of restaurants there. Access to the beach is easy, however there is no large parking area to accommodate a large number of cars. Here the location for parking spaces: 39.53246819696254, 2.572911435144996.

On the left side of the beach Playa de Portals Nous is the Ermita de Portals Nous. It is a hermitage that is open to visitors and best of all, we also have a view of the sea from here, so the views are really nice. However, there are rocks in front of the hermitage and the main entrance is from the street. Interestingly, there is also a harbor restaurant on the left side. Small, but picturesque and with pleasant views. Playa de Portals Nous is a place especially visited by young people who are looking for excitement and interesting nightlife, which is guaranteed by the area of Portals Nous and Bendinat.

Thanks to the proximity of the port Playa de Portals Nous in Mallorca is also besieged by yachts, motorboats, boats. This, in my opinion, adds to the charm of the view and diversifies the landscape. The color of the water here is turquoise and the beach has a “bandera azul”, or blue flag, which means very clean water – sounds great, right? What I also really like is that the beach is surrounded by high cliffs, which always make a great visual impression. One thing is for sure, if you choose Playa de Portals Nous as your destination, you will definitely not be disappointed!

What to do near Playa de Portals Nous in Mallorca?

Above I mentioned two places that are right next to the beach and they are Ermita de Portals Nous and the luxurious port of Portals Nous. Not far away is another small cove called Caleta de Portals Nous, which I am sure you will enjoy. A little further on is the bay of Cala Comtesa or the beautiful Cala Major. Closer to the western side of Majorca, worth visiting places are certainly Palma Nova, the beautiful bay of Cala del Mago and the caves located there. As the beach is only 15 minutes away from Palma, the capital of Mallorca, it is of course highly recommended to go there!

I am very curious if any of my readers have ever been to Playa de Portals Nous beach? I look forward to your comments with reviews of this place! :)

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