Playa Es Trenc

Many of you have certainly heard a lot about Playa Es Trenc before. This beach even attracts world-
class stars. But is it really worth it? Is it really as heavenly as they describe it? So what about thesedisgusting algae? And is it really so hard to get there?

Playa Es Trenc – how to get to?

Getting to Playa Es Trenc is easy. As the beach is 7 kilometers long, it can be reached from two sides.
There are car parks and bars on both sides. Access on one side is from Ses Covetes, and on the other
from Colonia de Sant Jordi. Both parking lots can be reached on foot. It takes about 20 minutes. It is also
possible to park the car closer, but there is not enough space at 10/11 in the morning. Cars cannot be parked on yellow lines and entries or private areas. You can also reach the beach by bus, but as usual,
this involves transfers and a few hours journey (depending on where you sleep).

Playa Es Trenc – how does situation with algaes looks like?

Playa Es Trenc is one of the cleanest beaches in Majorca. The water there is one of the most crystalline.
This is one of the reasons why so many yachts land there. But what is the deal with these algae? Lovely.
Dry algae on the beach is one thing, and in the sea it is another. Dry algae found on sand can be
removed. They are regularly collected from the beaches, usually in the early morning hours.

However, the algae in the water, produced by the sea, which in this way the sea cleanses water of pollution. These algae cannot be deleted. If they are removed, the water will not be as clean as it should be.
Environmentalists take care of it. If there is a lot of algae in the water, it means one thing. The waters are
more polluted and the sea is trying to defend itself. It should give us all food for thought.

Playa Es Trenc – is it worth visiting?

Yes, it is definitely worth visiting if you are fans of paradise waters. There is no reason to count on the
lack of people around. There are bars on the beach, you can also rent sunbeds there. It is also a bit
windy at Playa Es Trenc and I strongly recommend taking sunscreen creams with it and a parasol. There
is very little shade, it is very easy to get a stroke in the season. Be sure to stock up on large quantities of
water. This beach is definitely noteworthy while in Majorca.

What to visit around Playa Es Trenc?

First of all, I heartily recommend you to visit the Cassai restaurant, which is located next to Es Trenc
beach. They have two restaurants. Beach Bar at Es Trenc and restaurants in Ses Salines. You won’t be
disappointed, but I recommend booking a table in advance! There is also a Botanicactus garden in the
area, which is worth hooking up if you are in the area, here is a post about Botanicactus: If, however, you
still thirst for sunbathing, there is also a beach like Cala Pi nearby, link here: or Calo des Moro, link here:
and Cala S’almunia, link here:

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