Pollensa in Mallorca.

Pollensa in Mallorca is proclaimed as one of the most beautiful towns on Majorca. Every week a market is held here, where you can buy various specialties produced on Mallorca and not only. There are always a lot of people coming here – not only in high season. Pollensa is a typical Mallorcan town, slightly saturated with commercialism (like most places on the island), where life is always lively at weekends.

Pollensa is famous for the Calvari steps, where every year, at Easter, a great pilgrimage takes place, with scenes enacted. In fact, this town became famous thanks to the artists who flocked to it and then described it in their books, painted on works of art. Pollenca hides a lot of history. In previous centuries the town was devastated and then rebuilt. The town also has great religious significance, there is a church in the main square, as well as a small monastery on top of a mountain. The Calvari Monastery is reached by a famous staircase of 365 steps, and on the way to the top we pass beautiful statues created by Joan Bennassar. Admittedly, this exhibition was only meant to attract tourists’ attention to this place, to restore Pollensa’s good name. The exhibition is probably temporary and one day these statues may not be there.

What to do in Pollensa in Mallorca?

Every Sunday from 8am to 1.30pm there is a great market in Pollensa where you can buy souvenirs, artwork, local produce, vegetables, fruit and much more. The town is also ideal for hiking. It is not far from the mountains, which adds to the tourist appeal of the place. I don’t think I have to add here that the town, as I wrote above, is famous for its historical, religious and artistic values. Apart from the beautiful streets, architecture and a lot of bars and restaurants, you can also immerse yourself in the history of Mallorca.

In the area of Pollensa there is a beautiful port – Port de Pollensa or the famous bay Cala Sant Vincent. Everyone who travels to Pollensa knows that it is located right next to the Serra de Tramuntana National Park – the largest mountain range on Mallorca. If you head to this town, you can be sure of beautiful views, clean air and a great Mallorcan atmosphere.

Pollensa and Port de Pollensa.

I highly recommend both of these places, especially as they are right next to each other. However, I must honestly say that I think there are many more beautiful places on the island. These towns come highly recommended, but by far, my favourites are towns like Deia, Fornalutx and Banyalbufar. And if I had to recommend any port town, it would definitely be Cala Figuera (Santanyi) and Port Adriano.

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