Safari Zoo

Safari Zoo is the perfect place for children. You can spend a nice day there. The zoo is divided into two parts. One of them is Safari, through which you can go by train or your own car. Second part is a farm for animals. The Safari Zoo also has a small restaurant and a playground for children.

The Safari Zoo can be reached by a special bus, which has its stops in every village surrounding this object.

Stops are located on pedestrian streets and main streets. The bus passes away several times a day and is completely free. The object itself is not one of the largest, but has its own charm. It is worth going there, especially with children. You can get there by car or buy seats on a special train. I warn you that the train has no windows. Monkeys and other animals can come close to the train, or go inside. The moment you use your own car, do not under any circumstances get off or open windows in order to caress those WILD animals.

This is very dangerous because the animals are unpredictable.

Along the way, the driver of the train will slow down or possibly stop in various places. So that you can take pictures easily. I will also add that one of the attractions will be giraffe feeding :) In addition to the tour, Safari Zoo also offers animals on the farm. For example, elephants, lions, tigers, parrots and goats.

here You have a movie my boyfriend did for Safari Zoo in 2004, while he was working there!

There is also a restaurant on site!

I honestly recommend, this is not the largest zoo I’ve been to. There is not a thousand animals, but not every zoo offers feeding giraffes or seeing animals in the wild, two meters from you. The goats are also charming, the last time I visited the zoo in July. In the goat’s yard there were little kids who could be picked up and fed. Some of them falling asleep in their arms after a minute. I also heard that parrots can talk, maybe you can talk them into a small talk. Here You have their website with prices and other informations:

Hours and Prices in Safari Zoo.

During the Summer Safari Zoo is open from 9:30 till 18:30 everyday. And during the Winter from 10:00 till 16:00 everyday. Adults pay 19 euros and kids (12 and less) 12 euros.