Sanctuary de Sant Salvador or Mare de Deu de Sant Salvador.

Today I invite you to “visit” Sanctuary de Sant Salvador with me. Those who have been watching me for some time certainly know that I am not a fan of churches or sanctuaries. However, I love architecture, nature and beauty. That is why I like to visit the local Sanctuaries, cathedrals and churches. Especially since they are usually built on the tops of smaller or larger mountains. As in this case.

Sanctuary offers You plenty of history.

Santuari de Sant Salvador or Santuari Mare de Deu de Sant Salvador is a fourteenth century sanctuary located on the mountain called Sant Salvador. This mountain is 510 meters high. The views from above extend to the orchards, farmlands, forests, quarries and the sea. It’s definitely worth coming here, even for these beautiful viewpoints.

Sanctuary de Sant Salvador – is it worth to go there?

The sanctuary consists of a church (built in the 18th century), a small chapel (from 1910) and a statue of Christ, built in 1934. Nearby is also the Picot cross, which was built there in 1957. You can see him from the Sanctuary. This is quite a famous Majorca point. On the way to the Sanctuary, you should not miss a small chapel, which was built in 1910. The chapel stands exactly in this place, because of the legend that says that the pastor discovered the image of the Mother of God in that place.

Majorca’s meses.

At the Sanctuary there are masses on Sundays and Holidays. Hours may vary, however it is usually 17.00 or 18.00. Every year there are also holidays celebrated on Sunday this coming September 8. Also on the anniversary of the Virgin’s coronation and the first Sunday after Easter. The ownership of the church, sanctuary, buildings and all property covering Mount Sant Salvador belongs to the bishopric of Majorca.
There is also a small restaurant in the Sanctuary. The sanctuary also offers accommodation. You will find out everything on this page: In my opinion, it’s really worth going to the Sant Salvador mountain. Even for great views. On my instagram you will find the entire account of visiting this place.

How to get to Sanctuary de Sant Salvador?

The road to Sant Salvador is quite winding and can be difficult for inexperienced drivers. Along the way, you can meet wild goats, cyclists and pedestrians. There are also hiking trails upstairs. You won’t reach the top by bus. After a trip to Sant Salvador, head to Castell de Santuari, which is right next door! In addition, the town of Felantix itself is extremely charming and definitely worth going there, even for a coffee. However, if after visiting the Sanctuary you would like to go for a swim, I definitely recommend the area around Cales de Mallorca, Cala Marcal, Cala D’or or Parc Natural de Mondrago

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