Costa de los Pinos, Majorca.

Costa de los Pinos is translated into Polish – pine coast. As the name suggests, this town lies on the coast, richly covered with pine trees. It gives an amazing effect. Especially on beaches where pine trees give us shade. ATTENTION. In winter, the so-called ORUGAS (or more commonly cucas) fall from the pines. They are earthworms that can burn the body. Do not touch them. We also need to protect our pets from them because they can burn their tongues. If you are more interested in the topic of earthworms, then I invite you to my instagram, where the whole featured account is about them.

Where is Costa de los Pinos.

Costa de los Pinos lies on the slope of the Llevant mountains, which start in Arta and end in Felanitx. The mountains are not higher than 600 meters above sea level. Due to its location, the Costa de los Pinos is protected from northern winds. This area is very quiet and peaceful. There are several shops and restaurants here. Costa de los Pinos is also a luxury district in Majorca. Mostly rich Germans and English people live here. You will not find parties and clubs here.

Costa de los Pinos beach.

This area does not have extensive sandy beaches. However, there will be a lot of charming, wild coves here. The most famous are Es Rajoli and Sa Marjal (which is also called Playa Costa de los Pinos). The place that you definitely have to visit is Mirador Cap des Pinar (or Costa de los Pinos), which is a viewpoint from which the view extends to the bay of Cala Millor. You will also find tourist routes connecting the Costa de los Pinos with Canyamel. Here you will find a link to the tourist route:

History of Costa de los Pinos.

Settlements began to be built in 1958. During construction, care was taken that the houses were built in accordance with respect for the vegetation there. Due to the respect for the huge natural zone, in Costa de los Pinos you will find only one hotel that is off the beaten track. We are talking about Eurotel Golf Punta Roja. Next to it is a small port and a golf course, which has been operating since 1967.

Bays of Costa de los Pinos.

In addition to the main beach, which is sandy and moderately long, we will find plenty of bays. Most bays are rocky and pebbly. We will also find sandy ones, but they are not too wide. In winter, as well as in summer, beaches can be covered with algae. To get to some bays, you have to get through bushes or narrow streets or neglected stairs, whose rims can move.

How to get to wild beaches in Majorca?

It happens that to get to one of the beaches you will have to go through the water or climb on the rocks. Sometimes it may seem that we break into someone else’s area. However, nothing could be more wrong – every beach in Majorca is public. Everyone has the right to use the concrete ports, beaches and stairs built most often by the owners of private areas. I recommend taking shoes for walking on rocks and swimming, as well as food and drink. There are no showers, toilets or bars on the beaches. Everything is “wild”.

Wild beaches Costa de los Pinos.

Most of the beaches I will describe today have no names. You will not find them by name on the map, nor will you find road signs directing you to these places. Only my curiosity led me there. You often ask me about wild, unpopulated beaches. I am presenting them to you. However, we will start from the main beach: Sa Marjal.

Playa Costa de los Pinos.

Playa Costa de los Pinos is very easy to reach. You can get here by bus, bike, car, city train or on foot. There is a car park behind the beach and a bar and toilets on the beach. The beach is sandy, the water is usually crystal clear. The view from the beach extends to the beautiful cliff and cruise ships sailing here. It is a child-friendly beach, but you won’t find many attractions here.

Playa des Rajoli.

This beach is sandy, but quite small. The descent to it is marked with signs. It is located just behind the apartments for rent. To get to it, you have to go down the stairs. On the left is a tiny harbor. On the right beach. The beach is 7 meters long, at large waves, it is much smaller. However, Playa des Rajoli is very pretty. It is rare that there are so many boulders on the beaches of Majorca. This is conducive to nice photos. There will also be a shadow on the beach, cast by – of course – pine trees. This is one of my favorites. On the signs in front of the beach we are informed that there are three dangerous rocks in the water. I recommend swimming shoes.

Wild beach Costa delos Pinos no 2.

To reach this beach, it’s best to park your car on Carrer dels Brucs. From there it is very easy to get to this beach. You will definitely find a mysterious descent from the street. In the pictures below it does not look so attractive. However, in summer, when the water is much calmer and there is a lot less algae, the beach certainly makes a great impression. The way to the beach is a beautiful grove. In addition to the sandy beach, on the left you will see a villa and a concrete beach and port. They are built by the owners, but illegally, so you can freely use them. Do I recommend it? The choice is yours. The owners may be indignant. I recommend swimming shoes!

Wild beach no 3.

This beach is somewhat deeper into the estate. Park your car on Carrer de sa Caleta. Hardly anyone visits her, because hardly anyone ventures that far. The beach is rocky. I strongly recommend you also bring swimming shoes here. Due to the fact that it is a pebble beach, you will definitely find plenty of fish here. So take your glasses with you too. What I love about this beach is that it is from here that it’s easiest to get to my FAVORITE, secret beach.

To see what this beach looks like, I recommend going to my instagram, where I recorded everything.

Currently, access to this beach is practically impossible. The owner of one of the houses planted cacti and eucalyptus on the road leading to the beach and attached a fence behind the rocks. Path, port and beach are public. The owner of this house probably did it illegally, but we can’t help it. Maybe it will be easier to get there in summer, when the water is calmer. To get to the beach you just have to go left. Cliffs.

Wild beach no 4.

To get to this beach follow the Avenida del Pinar avenue and park right on Carrer Sense nom (street without name). This beach is very tiny, but also secretive. In summer there are very few people here. This is another beach that has concrete roads and stone stairs, probably built by the owners. Of course stony. I recommend shoes again! It should be quiet and peaceful here!

Wild beach no 5.

Here, the bridge will be characteristic, which we will see when going down to the beach. Getting to it is easy. The beach itself does not make a huge impression, but I heartily recommend it for sunsets. You will find peace and quiet here. Hardly anyone ventures into the side streets of the Costa de los Pinos. The beach, like the rest, is rocky, so bring swimming shoes with you. And enjoy the peace and quiet among the pines. Park at Carrer la Brisa, the descent is on the right, between the houses.

Wild beach no 6.

This beach is not the most comfortable or available. The passage to the beaches is full of bushes, thickets, pine needles, leaves. At the end we come to a tiny bay, before passing the house where two dogs live (loud dogs). There are dozens of sharp rocks in front of our eyes. Here you MUST have swimming shoes. I recommend this beach only to people who simply like peace and quiet and do not necessarily enjoy all-day bathing.

There is a natural pool by the shore, made of rocks.

You can sit there and cool down. However, in my opinion, swimming is out of the question here. Following the rocks to the left, we will reach a concrete beach with a wooden gazebo built into it, which in summer definitely serves as a shade for the owners of the villa. This concrete beach is public and probably built illegally, like most. The perfect place for summer sunbathing. Park at the roundabout at Carrer la Brisa. Here you will find a characteristic tree and a descent to the beach.

Wild beach no 7.

Now I laugh to myself, because I have been to the Costa de los Pinos viewpoint many times and I noticed the descent to this beach only recently. And only because there was a herd of wild goats across the street and I had to take pictures of them. Going down to the beach is easy, stairs lead to it. The beach is tiny and rocky. Here, I also recommend swimming shoes. It’s harder here for the shade, and the rocks heat up very quickly! The water here is crystal clear. There are not many people here. An ideal place for diving enthusiasts! To get to this beach head towards Mirador Costa de los Pinos. You will see the descent on the right.

Costa de los Pinos.

As you can see, this place has many wild, small, climate bays. They are all rocky. They are all surrounded by villas and beautiful pine trees. You will see beautiful sunsets here and experience peace and quiet. Costa de los Pinos is the perfect place for people who want to relax.

What to see around?

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