A story about an old man living in Casa Caballo, in Tenerife

When you drive along the road between Playa de la Tejita and El Medano, you will see a small horse stud Casa Caballo on the side. As a teenager I rode a lot of horses. It was my favorite hobby, I did quite well. However, for some reasons, I had to give up on it. Ever since I stopped, I always say to myself that I will come back to this one day. Even if I was to do it once a month, I will do it.

However, nothing has changed since then.

Sentiment, however, is still there, and when I see a horse stud, I usually go there, to enjoy to look at these beautiful creatures and feel the magic of memories again. Piotrek always encourages me to take the opportunity, but just then we did not have time for that, we had to go back to the apartment, get the suitcases and go to the airport.

There was no one at the stud.

It was only after a long moment that a car with two men rode up. Piotrek started talking with one of them. It was from him that he learned that the owner of all this is the older man. He disappeared somewhere behind the stable, and he himself took care of unloading the hay. The older man, as it turned out, lives on this stud. At the beginning I was a little surprised, because why does he live in a stable? An elderly man alone, without a family, in the wasteland? Piotrek disappeared with him when I took pictures of the area.

Resigned, I sat on the swing and waited.

After a long moment, I saw Piotrek, who is waving his hand to me. I thought he was alone, that he found something interesting again and now we are gonna wander in the wilderness. However, he stood on the road. The road leading to small barracks, built by hand. An older man stood a few steps away. He spoke with Piotr in Spanish, but he tried to speak English and German with me. Did not speak fluently, he spoke in a broken language and he got tangled up in what he was saying. He really wanted to tell us what his story was. He let me take some pictures, but I did not want to do a lot of them, because the conditions in which he lived are not the best.

It turns out that the owner of Casa Caballo has children.

His daughter visits him once in a while. The man keep up thanks to the horse stud. He’s no home, he lives in the barracks, which he built himself. He did not enjoy life at home, his work.That is why he decided to move to the horse stud. He also told us that his daughter made a movie about him and you can find him on vimeo. However, after entering the phrase Casa Caballo and many others, I could not find anything. He added that the authorities allow life in such conditions that they do not mind building such barracks. It is quite interesting, but I have not deepened this topic more.

The stable itself looks modest

However, if you are in Tenerife and you like riding, then have a look at this man’s horse stud. With prices you will certainly be able to bargain, the man wants to just earn a few pennies. Maybe you can see his house, maybe you’ll learn more. I do not know, however, how it looks. Is there a teacher in the stable who helps you while you are driving or leads you in the field. It’s hard to find any information about this place. Anyway, it is worth to stay there, even for a few minutes.

An elderly man left to his fate, lonely, living in barracks.

Some of You may think this is sad. However, this man was not unhappy. He smiled all the time and did not hide the fact of the conditions under which he lived. He lives carelessly, not worrying about tomorrow. You need great courage to take such steps. Sometimes I wonder why people are so into clothes, brand shoes, handbags for several thousand. Why do we need all these extras? Ever since I left for England and live without a family, I have found happiness in my family.

We realized that the fact that I have someone to come back to is the most important thing for me.

Understood that when I travel I want to share it with others. I do not want new, most expensive shoes. I do not want an expensive sports car. These things will be destroyed anyway, and eventually I will have to buy new ones. Once, I spent most of my money on clothes, so others would notice that I had new ones, they had to be more expensive. Now I prefer spending money on tickets home. I prefer to go with my family to a pizza restaurant. I prefer to go to the store and buy a board game, in the evening to sit with them and play. Ultimately, you can not fool anyone with clothing.

What counts is who you are, not what you wearing or what you own.

If any of you ever find yourself in this place, meet this man, I will listen to your stories willingly :) Maybe you know who it is? Maybe you’ve met him already and know more than I do? Personally, I am moved by such stories. They give me a little inspiration and comfort, so I can realise that I’m not lost in myself. I think it is important that in this world you do not lose your values ​​to go ahead, fulfill your dreams. I hope that someday I will be able to go back there and stay for longer. Maybe I will finally get some horse riding ;)