El Medano

When we landed in Tenerife, we took a taxi and went to the apartment. On the way, one place caught my attention. The sun already started to go down. I noticed the beach, and a few dozen kitesurfers in the water. The whole beach was devoted only to them. I’ve never seen so many windsurfers at once, in one place. On the last day of our stay in Tenerife we ​​went to El Medano.

It is actually a Mecca of surfers.

There are many schools that teach surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing etc. The beach itself looks interesting. On its right side you can see a mountain, resembling a pyramid, as if someone literally threw it from the sand. On the left, wind and waves carved small cliffs in the sand. Walking through the promenade, I saw the sand again, which was shimmering with the colors of the rainbow in the sun. People despite the temperature of 25 degrees walked in jackets and long pants to cover themselves against the powerful wind and sand striking against the body. We went a bit further.

We came to a small pier.

There were a lot of people basking on his benches, the sand did not bother them anymore. Going further, we came to a small market where bazaars were spread out. We stopped by a man who sewed various pictures on the sewing machine. While entertaining the crowd that gathered around him. People were very kind, not expecting too much from you. An ideal place for surfers and people who value peace and relaxation.