Loro Park

I love animals, I love nature. I like them the most in a natural environment. However, as we all know, not everyone has the opportunity to see orcs, dolphins or seals somewhere in the middle of the sea. Loro Park is a must go while in Tenerife. You just have to. The price is extremely attractive for the amount of attractions that Loro Park offers. In Tenerife there is also a water park – Siam Park.

You can buy a combined ticket, cheaper, to two parks.

However, we only visited Loro. Loro Park is a kind of huge zoo with demonstrations of the skills of specially trained animals. Right at the entrance you can get maps with show hours. The shows take place several times a day, so everyone is able to see all the shows in one day. The roads in Tenerife are wonderful! Not only are the views beautiful, but the motorway runs all over Tenerife. You’ll arrive from  south to north in an hour!

You can see, among other things, shows of parrots, whales, dolphins and seals.

It is an amazing experience. Unusual entertainment. Animals look healthy, and the show is not only entertaining, but also educational. You find out there how veterinarians care for animals, what are their threats – including littering of waters, hunting. And how can you help them if you ever find yourself in a situation where you will encounter a needy orca or a dolphin. Loro Park is extremely well maintained, the service is very friendly. There are plenty of bars and souvenir shops on site. I wholeheartedly recommend this place, surrounded by palm trees, waterfalls and charming ponds.

Should You go to Loro Park?

Of course! It’s the world of animals. I had the best time out there. Not only me. All of my family. It was so much fun! We laughed a lot. It’s a really nice experience. Worth to go. De fi nie te ly!