Los Cristianos

When we finally got the car, we could move around the island freely. One of our trips was based on seeing Los Gigantes. Along the way, however, we went astray to see Los Cristianos. As the distances from these places are not far (just 30min by car), in one day we visited two attractions. Los Cristianos is one of the most-visited cities. There is a long promenade full of restaurants, attractions, souvenir shops and one of the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife. We sat in one of the restaurants, right on the beach for dinner.

The promenade is located next to a long, sandy beach.

Is besieged by tourists, among others thanks to its sandy beach. Tenerife is a volcanic island. Therefore, most beaches have black or red colors. This one has a long beach with golden sand. In addition, the large port from which yachts leave and many cruise ships. Walking along the promenade you can hear musicians, you can watch painters focusing on their work. Right next to a group of dancers who are trying to collect enough money for their lives with their shows.

Is Los Cristianos a good choice?

Definitely yes. In my opinion, Los Cristianos is the perfect choice for people who are looking for peace, picturesque landscapes and entertainment at the same time. You can reach anywhere and quickly. The prices are not excessive, but it is also not the cheapest here when talking about accommodation. This place gives many possibilities. It certainly guarantees weather for the whole year and provides less wind than in the south of the island. Tenerife is the perfect choice for holidays, any time of the year. If you are still wondering which destination to choose, for your dream vacation on the Canary Islands, then Los Cristianos is perfect.