Los Gigantes, Tenerife

Big giants are featured on postcards in every souvenir shop. It is one of the most attractive places in Tenerife. Many people choose this place for stay. Tenerife surprised me, compared to Majorca – its greenery. In Tenerife, more money is definitely invested. It is more well-groomed than Majorca. While driving, you can admire the flowers planted by the city and huge amounts of palm trees and tropical trees. Los Gigantes add charm to this landscape. Thanks to them, the area is more picturesque. If I am to be honest, it was difficult for us to get to Los Gigantes. At first I wanted to see the famous beach with black sand. However, it was not my number one among the places I would like to see. We asked locals about the famous black beach, but nobody knew what we were talking about. It was quite unheard of.

We had little problems with Los Gigantes.

It was difficult for us to hit the beach. While wandering around, we hacked the viewpoint of the enormous cliffs of los Gigantes. They make an impression, but to be honest the view terrace itself is not located in the best place. We had a better view of the giants from the Lidl parking lot ;) From there we went to the port, where there was a paid parking lot, right under the beach. However, before we got there, we had to circulate the streets many times. Once we even landed in the parking lot, located on the port, but we had no idea how to get to the black beach from there.

We decided to leave from there.

After a short moment, however, we turned back. It turned out that we are in the right place. Going to the beach you stroll along the street of the city where restaurants invite you inside with their scents. Everywhere around there are bazaars, in front of shops, with various souvenirs and beach clothes. When it passes through this entire street, it immediately goes to the beach with black sand, at the foot of the Giants’ cliffs. Black sand resembles a poppy, additionally shimmering in the sun in silver. The cliffs are huge, they make an impression.

Los Gigantes seems a good choice when it comes to vacation.

Picturesque landscapes, many restaurants. Very long promenade, full of restaurants and shops. Los Cristianos and Las Americas are close to the village. There are many stands on the promenade, from which you can buy trips, such as cruises, quads, horse riding, diving, etc. I think that this place can be recommended to everyone, everyone will find here. The only downside, however, is the beach, which covers the giants and the port from the sun.