Masca Valley

People who have not visited Masca Valley while in Tenerife have lost a lot. This is definitely MUST GO in Tenerife. The place has its amazing atmosphere. This village is located in the mountains. If you want to get there, you have to go uphill, with some serpentine roads. About 40-60min. You can also take a bus there. People live in the village, which seems irrational due to the location of this place. The village is located between the mountains. The whole village has hundreds of palm trees … planted on the rocks. In Masca you can buy local honey and other products. Tastefully eat, drink coffee and buy tons of souvenirs. The views are beautiful.

Lazy cats bask in the streets and dogs walk around.

The prices are not excessive! It is the perfect place for taking many beautiful pictures. Most of the buildings are made of stone. The village has even a small market, on which sits musician. You will see everything in the pictures, but it still does not reflect the charm of the place even in 50%. It’s wonderful there. From this village you can go down, to the beach – specially for this reason built stairs. We unfortunately did not go down. I’m sure that going down the stairs leading to the beach, among hundreds of palm trees and other tropical plants will be remembered. Returning from Masca, You will drive through serpentine roads, from which there are beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean. We do recommend Masca Valley! Go go go!

Masca Valley is located in the Teno Landscape Park.

This is the northwest of the island. Masca is on the list of cultural goods in the category of historical buildings. It is said to be one of the best preserved places in terms of Canarian architecture. The road to the village was built only in the 1960s. For this reason, in the village you can enjoy the beauty of architecture. Previously, it was not infringed by anyone. Archaeological discoveries from this place show that the original settlers used to live in the village – Guan. Once, the village had only agricultural character, it currently only survives from tourism.