Parque Rural de Anaga

Another beautiful place – Parque Rural de Anaga. We planned to go to the Teide volcano. However, we were not prepared for this trip. While in the high season – June, July – is a bit warmer, in January the top of the mountains covers the snow. The higher we were, the colder it was. Clouds appeared on the road, they began to get denser and the wind got stronger. Despite this, we did not give up. When we were almost at the end, it turned out that asphalt had been poured out on the road and you could not drive through the road for the next two hours.

Well … we’ve gone back.

We drove to the Anaga park. Driving the highway, you can find billboards with various photos of Tenerife’s attractions. One of such photos was the Anaga park. That’s why we chose this place – photos convinced us. The park was a bit warmer. At the main entrance there was a restaurant and an observation deck. Unfortunately, nothing was visible due to bad weather conditions. The deeper the park, the warmer it got. In the middle of the park are made stops with descriptions of nature, located around. Many of them are devoted even to pay attention to the sounds that surround us. You must stop for a moment and calm down. There are bridges, footbridges and viewpoints across the park, overlooking the ocean and the archipelago of the city. It’s definitely worth visiting this place.

Why is it worth visiting Parque Rural de Anaga?

The Anaga Park is located in a beautiful area. The road to the Teide volcano is extremely varied by nature. Along the way you pass tired bikers who aim to get to the cold peak. They go on their specially prepared bikes, through winding roads. The road leads through a thick forest, and a thick fog floats on the road. It adds a dark atmosphere to this place. Just passing this road provides enough experience. There are many viewpoints, overlooking the beautiful mountains and modest towns between them. Anaga Park is something like a cherry on the cake. Surely you will not leave unhappy from there.

The biggest attraction, however, is the volcano Teide.

Unfortunately, we could not see it, even though my father-in-law tried to achieve this goal every day. Each time it was either too late or we had completely different plans. However, when we managed to organize the whole day to visit the volcano, it turned out that Peter did not even take a sweatshirt. Unbelievable? Yep, he didn’t. Our organization sometimes exceeds the limits of possibilities. When, despite opposing fate and unprepared, we approached the father-in-law to try Teide. Just on this day, they decided to pour asphalt. In addition, visibility reached level 0. Accident? I do not think so :)