Playa de la Tejita on Tenerife

We stopped near Playa de la Tejita, due to the fact that it is cheaper there and is close to the airport. There are several restaurants around, buses, a large market with cafes. Also grocery stores, and of course the famous la Tejita beach. Playa de la Tejita is located on the south of the island, it was one of the most important factors when choosing accommodation. The south of Tenerife is much warmer than north. Before leaving, I read that the weather in the northern part of the island is definitely worse than in the south. This is definitely true. The sky in the north is overcast, while in our vicinity there was not a single cloud.

Our first visit to this beach took place in the morning.

As we normally only work at night, we were the only ones who could not sleep normally. We woke up around 4 am and decided to go to the beach at sunrise. We did not plan this, we just got dressed and went out. When we left the house, it was still dark outside. We went through the neighborhood, checked the public transport. When it started to bright, we went straight to the beach.

We were not alone there.

It turned out that this is a good place to watch the sunrise, because the sun rises from behind La Montana Roja (red mountain)! The beach is sandy, but has a brownish color. Perfect sky was shimmering with many colors, from pink to orange. The wind moved the sand so that it changed into gold colour. This area was besieged by photographers. Also locals, who walked with their pets on the beach. Amazing view, something worth to see. Stop for a moment and look at something so beautiful.

A nudist corner.

Playa de la Tejita is not only famous for its red mountains. Also for beautiful sunrises and charming sand. Nudists who are looking for a bit of privacy are choosing this one. In the photo above you can see a small footbridge. Right in front of it is a bay where nudists like to sunbathe. I do not have any pictures for obvious reasons :)

Many people also try their hand at climbing the famous mountain.

I recommend the area of ​​Playa de la Tejita to everyone who is looking for a cheaper option to stay in Tenerife. Located near the airport – where you can rent a car. It is very sunny there – BUT very windy. Therefore colder than, for example, at a distance of 20 minutes by car Los Cristianos. An ideal place for people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Nearby there is also a horse stud, a large market and a town loved by surfers – El Medano. Perfect for sightseeing in the afternoon. We highly recommend it!