Playa de las Americas

  • playa de las americas, sunset
  • one of the hotels at playa de las americas
  • hard rock cafe, tenerife
  • archipelag los cristianos

The first question that arises when planning a trip to Tenerife is where exactly should I go? Which spot should you choose? What will the weather be like, what about food, commute and attractions? As the name suggests, Playa de las Americas is a place that belongs to the more expensive ones. In this area we arrived just before sunset. By the beach, of course, there is a beautiful promenade. From the promenade you can admire the works of sand, which are made for a few days – if it does not rain;) Of course, it will not do without restaurants, cafes, bars and souvenir shops.

The beach is sandy, with golden sand, liked by surfers.

With a archipelago view of the city. We stayed there for the sunset. One of the most beautiful in my life. After sunset, we were walking through the city. It is perfectly lit! In the center, opposite the Hard Rock Cafe is a beautiful fountain, and a shopping center around it. Everything is kept in Roman architecture. It looks really good. Despite the late hour, there are still markets spread out on the streets, clowns which try to catch you. Restaurants still serve food, and the musicians continue to play different melodies. It is worth going there in the evening, especially for all these lights, or to sit down for a drink;)

Is it worth choosing Playa de las Americas as a place to stay?

Playa de las Americas will belong to more expensive destinations. Because of the night life, a large beach and more opportunities when it comes to shopping. In the area of ​​Playa de las Americas is Los Gigantes and has a small beach, with black sand, which, unfortunately, is not well illuminated by the sun. On the one hand, we have a port that casts a shadow, and on the other hand, Giants. Another location near Los Cristianos. It has a beautiful beach, a very long promenade, full of attractions and many opportunities to buy various cruises or other trips. All places have their charm. Playa de las Americas is definitely good for people looking for entertainment, clubs, parties and nightlife.