The view point at the airport in Tenerife.

This place is quite difficult to describe, because we found it there by accident. That day, the only thing we took care of was shopping, unpacking and relaxing by the pool. In the afternoon, when some of us were tired by the Canarian sun, we decided to go to the “wilderness”. It is exactly behind the la Tejita beach. That is how We found The view point at the airport.

We really wanted to see banana crops.

In Tenerife there are many such crops, fenced with a stone wall, behind which hectares of tents stand, with a translucent brown mesh. You can admire large bunches of bananas through it. The crop we found, however, was not the cultivation of bananas. Tomatoes were grown there :)

We couldn’t enter into the object, so we headed towards the airport.

We have thought of it because from the beach you can see planes that alternately take-off and land every 10 minutes. So we wanted to see what it looks like up close. If any of you ever go the same way, then I warn you that there is no path there. We chose abbreviations. Finally, after a dozen or so minutes of wandering, a view terrace was before us. We did not expect this. The sun dropped lower and lower, we sat together on the bench and watched the planes for a long moment.

This is the most beautiful part of traveling.

Who would have thought that just behind the airport fence there would be a view point? Who would have thought that an afternoon walk would turn out to be such an adventure? There is always a lot of laughter when you’re out of the way and shortcuts. And most importantly, we experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets. These photos will stay with us forever. And all this only and exclusively happened because of an accident. And it’s the most beautiful when traveling. Sometimes, by deviating from the road, you find such pearls like this one. I definitely recommend this tiny view point at sunset. And I wish you to find your pearls on your trips!